New Beginnings

We are all dealing with them.  In some form or another.  What are some of the new beginnings in your life right now? 

Why is it that new can feel so scary?  Is it the feel of the unknown? How is it that you can be so ready, do unhappy with Imagesomething, anything….

yet the mere step to making change actually happen can freeze you right on the spot? 

I know I have talked in the past about dissecting our fears and not letting them disable us from moving forward, and I am not trying to be redundant.  It is just that it is a never ending battle…fear, that is. 

Here we are on the fourth day of this new fabulous year, and well I have been inundated with change.  I am experiencing it from all aspects of my life.  Personally I am metamorphosing into the me I was born to be and as much as that work has been internal, only now am I seeing the external effects.  It has trickled down into many areas of my life.  

I am a big advocate for change (really I am)  I just like to have a sense of some kind of control over that change.  I think the next focus for me is CONTROL.  Why is it so important? Why do I feel the need to hold on to it so tightly? 

Basically what I am blabbering about is once we start the process of expansion and enlightenment, it is next to impossible to turn back.  Not that we want to.  What happens however is we begin to peel back the layers and layers of protection and programming.  When this happens, in the beginning we are excited and go right to work processing the lessons that pop up.  What we are sometimes not prepared for are the layers and layers of lessons or issues we are presented with.  It can sometimes be overwhelming when you think you have conquered or learned one to find another lurking underneath.  

Staying positive can be a true challenge.  One that I struggle with and I am sure as do many others.  But it is imperative!  The work may be hard.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to really see an issue or situation for what it is and for what your involvement in it has been.  Accountability starts within and we have spent many years in a society that does not teach accountability.  We are constantly looking for someone to blame.  Some one we can point a finger at and say it is your fault.  But really…is anything really anyone else ..fault?  

As I have said before this year is special.  Things will be happening much quicker than we are used to, mostly because of all the work we did leading up to now.  The good and the uncomfortable will and can happen faster.  

I am not sure if this really made much sense today… I think I really needed to just type it out.  My personal struggles and conflicts make much more sense to me when I type.  I am reminded by spirit that this is my master plan.  

I chose the direction and I also knew going in just how stubborn my spirit can be and the lessons for me were very particular.  

The next post will focus on our past lives and the roll they play in our lives today…look for it!

Lastly before I sign off a group of wonderful women I have been working with are preparing for a conference in February, A Day With The Everyday Psychics!  It will be February 16th location TBD from 9-6, in Loveland, Colorado.  We are setting up a website for the event with details and bio’s on all the speakers.  It will be a combination of lectures and interaction! The goal and focus is dispelling the myths about clairvoyants/psychics while teaching you how to tap into your own spirit. Look for more information early registration will be available soon!     

Have  beautiful day!!!

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