Trying to make sense of things…


I keep trying to piece together the sanity around the extreme sadness and shock that collectively we are all feeling. I am not going to begin to start writing about the recent tragedy in Connecticut. Instead I am going to remind myself that the end is coming.
I know this sounds dramatic, but as much as it is…it isn’t, dramatic that is.

What I mean is that we have been talking about the apocalypse the end of the world for ages now. Many of us have tried to dispel the so called “end of the world” as an actual ending of the planet…and life form, and re-describe it more as an end to what we consider the “norm”.

When talking about the “end” of the world, we have continued to say that many souls would be “opting” out. What do i mean by opting out? Well it is believed that many will have completed their planned journeys, and will decide to move on. While others may decide that they have just had enough and were no longer up for the changes that they once new were coming, and this is ok.
Even though many of us have talked bout this…had we really given any thought to what this “opting” out would look like? Did we ever think that it could affect us so deeply? Did we think we would be immune to the losses?

I think we chose not to think the words through, chose to not really comprehend it’s full meaning.

We have also talked about life paths/plans and how we choose these paths before we are even born. We talk of lessons that are put in place for us to learn. When we ignore the early lessons we place along our path, they show up again and again down the road. Each time one of those lessons present itself it is bigger and harder to ignore. Every time a lesson has to be repeated it not only can be more painful, but can also change future lessons in your life as it inevitably changes facets of who you are.

These lessons are not always meant for a single person. Some times lessons are put into motion by special select souls who came into this world knowing that there purpose was for the greater good. They knew that they were to be placed into motion to help the greater good of humanity. Time and again we see horrific things on our TV’s, so much so that we become desensitized by the horror. We become numb to what we see. Then something happens and we are suddenly shaken out of our reverie long enough to seek change. We look to others to build a community of hope. We awaken our hearts and see that for change to happen we need to wake up and take responsibility for our selves. We need to be the change we seek. I believe this is what is happening now. More of us are waking up.

The end that is coming is really an end of the world as we know it, and a beginning to what we are to become. As good as things are going to be, we will suffer some significant losses along the way.
What we all need to do is open our hearts. Send love to your neighbor. Replace hatred and jealousy with love and compassion. Spread love and light….how? Think it. Intend it. Just sit quietly for a moment, shut your eyes and imagine a big beautiful ball of color (whatever color pops into your head when you think of love, compassionate love) now think that ball of color and light to a person your sending it to. Imagine it surrounding them. Or…you could just think I want to send so and so some love. And bam…you have sent them love. The more we do this the higher our collective vibration will become. This will create a more peaceful world for us all to live in.

We need to stop living to be better than, and begin living to be better.

Sending you all lots of love and compassion~ clairvoyant girl.

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