Release happens in many different ways…


I have been slightly off schedule for blogging lately. This time of year is quite frantic for me normally, add a few health issues and the constant transition I seem to be in, well…it can be all together crazy.

In doing a lot of inner spiritual work and with the speed at which I have been going, my physical body has been finding it hard to keep up. I am sure the bugs (viruses) going around have not helped out much either!
During my more recent one day (ok…day and a half) of the stomach flu I realized some things.

The day after the full moon/solar eclipse I got sick. All the messages I have been reading clearly state that between now and the winter solstice (December 21) we need to be releasing what we no longer need or what is no longer serving us. I feel like I took that literally and figuratively last week, I released! While being sick, I recall laying there thinking “I can heal myself” why am I not doing this. So I did some work, laying there in my bed, and focused on invoking a personal Reiki session on my stomach. I drifted off to a very restless sleep, filled with lots of tossing and turning. I dreamt of receiving messages that I could not decipher. I dreamt of people leaving my life in bizarre ways that made no sense, basically I awoke every hour on the hour frustrated and fitful. The next day I was tired disoriented and felt down right ill. I am not saying my self healing did not work, what I am saying is that in doing my healing I got more than what I was expecting.

Later in the day while laying on the couch, I started to noticed my legs ached with intense pain on the outsides of my thighs…they hurt to even touch. It made me think of when I was young and would wake in the middle of the night crying with what I called growing pains. Growing pains…that is what all this is…that is what this is about…growing pains.

This concept is not really new, I talk about it quite frequently actually. When we start to work on our self, the path we are on we start to see things and feel things in a different way. Growth is an expansion of not only our mind but also our soul. This expansion can cause “growing pains”.

We naturally hold on to things (habits, lifestyles, people) and struggle to release them, even when they are for our own good. With self acceptance come a new self knowledge. This knowledge opens us up to new possibilities. We start to expand and our bodies react. We are no longer satisfied with the status quo, we no longer are able or willing to settle for something that isn’t good for us or in our best interest. We become awaken to our physical health, and it’s sensitivity to the environment.

All this awareness and reflection is fine and good when you are feeling on top of the world, but while sick, well it can be somewhat frustrating! I get the message, I am working it I promise! I am working on releasing bad habits, eliminating unnecessary stresses in my life, eating better and taking better care of myself. Making me sick is not helping. I believe in a way (even though I am not happy about it) that is may be unfortunately necessary.

Transitions are happening fast right now, and many of us are in a major metamorphism right now. We adjusting to a new vibration, a new tomorrow, an awakened state.

I am feeling much better overall (health wise). Which is a really good thing. Later this week I will be having some surgery and need to be going into it with a healthy body! I hope to write at least one more blog before the 6th (day of my surgery). I am having a hysterectomy, time for more release I guess!!

I am practicing asking for help and actually receiving it when it comes. So…in the name of practice…any of you that would not mind holding some healthy healing energy space for me I would greatly appreciate it.

If there is one thing I have learned along my clairvoyant journey it is that the collective is extremely powerful. Thank you in advance for any energy you are able to send me.

Have a wonderful week, try to remember to slow down. The work will get done. Don’t rush the holidays, try to enjoy.


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