In between endings and beginnings, is a time for being…


I have not blogged for a while… I have put myself into rest mode. I had some surgery and have basically been letting my body focus on recovering.

If you are anything like me sometimes the hardest thing we can do is just…”be”. I have realized that there is a definite time to “Do” and a definite time to just “Be”, and I am currently in the latter of the two.

This feeling for me feels counter productive. I mean here we are, all racing towards the end of the world,and i am sitting on the sidelines, watching? The end of the Mayan calendar is upon us,as well as the so called end of time as we know it.

Everyone is in action mode. The holidays are fast upon us, gifts need to be bought, parties need to be had. It seems nearly impossible to just stop everything and sit back and be still. But, this is exactly what I am being charged with this. I am being challenged to just “Be”. Fate, the Gods, spirit, and the universe happens to know me all to well. They know that as much as I would like to, I would not be able to take a step back and just be. My surgery was needed both physically as well as spiritually,to get me where I need to be. I am in a position of being. Learning to be still, accept help and admit that I cannot do it all. This is a tough lesson for me.

Just when I start to feel great, I over do it, and feel myself hit the wall. So I am forced to look again at the importance of being.

Being still, and allowing ourselves the permission to slow down can help us see clearer. It is a great time to assess the work that we have done throughout the year. Look back at what we have released. Mourn what we have let go. Observe what we have set into motion, and appreciate how much we have grown.

Sometimes the be-ing is needed to set all the do-ing into motion, to let it all play out.

There has been a lot of talk about how fast everything is happening right now. It has also been said that what has been set into motion is on its way, with or with out our help. Now is the quiet time that we need to reflect and appreciate all that we have done to get to this point in our lives. Time to take a moment and look at our choices, and be grateful for them. Appreciate every turn we have taken, every lesson we have learned and be grateful for all the people that have come into our lives. The inertia has been set into motion.
Give yourself the gift of observance,and reflection.

For every ending is a beginning. We just need to make room.

Thank you for the healing energy and love. I wish you all the best in your practice of “Be-ing” right now…this is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


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