I am ready…yes I am!

Girl Preparing to Pool Dive

I don’t know about the rest of you but this is how I am feeling about 2013!

 I am ready! 
 Ready to dive in! 

I have this enormous amount of excitement building up within me.  I am filled with an abundance of happiness and a strong sense of adventure.  Even as I sit here trying to formulate my blog, spirit keeps interrupting my thoughts, they keep rushing me.    

I keep hearing: Let’s go! Let’s go!  

Spirit is telling me that the atmosphere has changed.  That collectively our universal vibration has raised to another level.  They are also telling me that this year we are to expect many more vibrational increases. 
There is a static in the air, a hint of what is to come.  Many of us are feeling it, or starting to feel it.  This static is filled with excitement and anticipation of the next phase.  We are ascending to the next level.  All the work we have been doing, has brought us here, to the end of the proverbial diving board.  In the past this leap of faith could have caused stress or anxiety, as many of us are  not accustom to jumping in without first getting our feet wet.  But not now.  We are ready to take the plunge, and not out of reckless abandonment but preparedness. 

I am being told to be ready for anything this year.  The key to continued success will be to remember to keep centered.  To remember the good in others even when all you see is bad.  Remove the idealization from that we hold with money.  Learning to live from our hearts and not our egos will put you on the fast track.  The saying Thoughts become things so choose the good ones…Is VERY important right now.  Every thing is happening faster, your wishes and your desires are being heard more clearly, so keep your thoughts and wishes positive.

I don’t know about you but I feel I have working towards this moment my whole life.  Now I am not saying once we take the plunge the work is done.  Not in the least! But the work that is to be done is somehow going to be different.  It will feel different.  There will be more certainty to it, and like our intentions the results due to that work, will manifest quicker.

Tonight I am going to make a list, check it twice and will say good-bye to 2012!
2013 here I come!!!

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!

I look forward to seeing you in the pool!!!


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