Yep, that is what I said…Keep your thoughts positive!







I have been doing a lot of soul work lately. Trying to work out these lessons that have presented themselves to me this last year. During this process I keep finding things that I feel are imperative to share. Tips to either help others know that if they are going through something similar…hey, you’re not alone type thing!

As important as it is to work through these lessons, sometimes the mere acknowledgment of them and what they are here to teach you can be (if not enough) a really good start.  For instance have you ever noticed that a child clinging to their parents pant leg, or tugging on their coat repeatedly saying mom…mom…mom… (or Dad) are just seeking their parents attention.  Most of the time once the parent says “what?”…they reply with either a smile, or simply say I love you. They just wanted and needed (right at that moment in time) to be acknowledged.

Just like that young incessant child, trying to get our attention our issues and lessons are also reaching out to us, trying to get us to take notice. The more we ignore them the louder they become. Now, they are not really going to tug on our pant leg calling out to us, but they do find a way to make a bigger impact every time they are brushed aside and have to try again to get our attention. The trick is picking up on the subtle tug, the first or the second time when it/they are smaller and possibly easier to address. Once they start to really build up steam to get us to STOP and notice them, well those are the issues that we begin to dread. Granted hind sight is always 20/20, it is a good thing to remember once you  start to look closer at your life and your path being aware of the little things will help make the big things not so…big.

I know there are books out there telling you how to not sweat the little things… I am not saying this is wrong, I am saying that it…is different.  To me the little things to not sweat are the things that you/we personally can’t control.  Once we stop trying to “control” everything around us so it fits nicely in our prepackaged life the easier our life will become.  Not only will we begin to live outside the parameters that have been set for us, we will be able to see the bigger picture, see the world and all its differences for the beauty that she is. BUT… I digress. 

I have little issues popping up repeatedly along my path. Right now, with mercury retrograde, communications can be tough and the best thing I can do is to simply acknowledge them. The key this month is acknowledging what is popping up for you, not always taking the stance of “fixing”.  And as I talked about it (in my last post) things are happening much faster right now…it’s like a speed round in this game called life. So first and foremost…HOLD ON, and keep your thoughts positive.

LOL!!! Sorry…I am still recovering from my last comment. “Keep your thoughts positive…” To me this is a rather funny statement when you think about how turbulent things are. One minute you could be acknowledging the fact that you are feeling physically fit and on the right path to a healthier life and the very next day you may be grieving a loss of an old friend or family member. You could finish a big project at work and then find out there are the whole department needs to be restructured.  It can actually feel like an emotional rollercoaster at times, so keeping our thoughts positive could in effect be one of our biggest challenges. 

I have also found lately (to which I will chalk up to awareness for now)  that physically I have noticed personally that the higher my energetic vibration is the more sensitive I am to the things I put into my body. Certain foods no longer agree with me and alcohol…well, I am a new all time light weight.  I believe what many of us are feeling may be colds and/or allergies are also some of the physical effects of the time we are currently in.  The speed of the climate changes, the planets, a whole new collective vibration is being established.  I believe our bodies are currently in the process of a recalibration of sorts to “tune” in to the new year. 

Allowing yourself to be… and to be aware of where you are, what you are doing and how you are feeling is a positive step in an overall awakening to your spirit.  The purity that is you.  To often we spend our time living for others, through others, to help others that the one person we continue to push aside is ourselves.  By giving yourself permission to be aware, and acknowledge yourself you will begin to remember your true purpose and become more connected with your spirit, which in turn gives you more love and energy to give to others in your life. 

The beauty of reconnecting right now is knowing that we are moving into a time of reaping what we have sown… benefiting from the work we are instilling now, the seeds we are planting will begin to flourish with what our intentions/thoughts plant.  This is why it is imperative to keep those thoughts focused in a positive manner.

Plant away, and Happy November!

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