Why is it we look to someone else to tell us we are on the right track?


Have you ever noticed that we seldom trust ourselves. We know what we feel and what we hear inside,yet we still seek the answers (or truths) from outside of ourselves.

For some reason the information always seem more authoritative, or validating when we get it from someone else. If we ask someone else to look inside us and they see our path or the answer to our questions we accept it as our truth,the right answer.

I am not saying we shouldn’t go outside ourselves for answers, not at all. What I am saying is that we should learn to trust ourselves. Trust that we do know the answers to the questions we ask. We know the right from the wrong, even when we convince ourself the wrong is the right. We know. It is learning to look within and listen to that voice that tells us our truth.

How do you learn to hear the right voice? We know which is right. We can feel it. The right voice comes from the heart, and is filled with love and light. Even when it is a tough answer, it has our best interest at heart.

Each time you go outside yourself for an answer, when you hear the answer are you caught off guard? Or do you realize you already knew the answer? To increase our trust in ourselves we need to use this moment of awareness as personal validation to enhance your trust in yourself.

I also believe that we are all hear to help one another. Some times the answers we seek are buried so deep under layers of self doubt and programming that we need to reach outside ourselves. When you do reach out, remember to process the information you are given. Sit with it, and make sure it not only sits well with you, but fits. You want to make sure you are acting on your own behalf and in the best interest of you and no one else.

I am blessed to have come into contact with such honest and beautiful people. People I have been able to reach out too for support and guidance. They have shown me that I can trust myself.

The path to self acceptance, self-awareness and the ability to trust in ourselves is a journey. It is a learned behavior that is powered by our hearts.

So go ahead and ask another what path you should take or what the “right” answer is. Just remember once you get their answer, sit with it. Let it sink in and see what resonates with you. Does it all fit, some or maybe none of it does. All of these results are monumental. How? Because you have went inside and have been able to discern what you heard with what you know. One more step in the direction of opening up to spirit and learning to put trust in yourself,and what you already know.

Then appreciate that person, and the gift they were able to give to you.

Have a beautiful week.

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