The captivating beauty in release…

This amazing picture was painted by my daughter.  She is truly amazing. I was cleaning out the items I had stored on my computer at work today and ran across this picture. 

Looking at it I realized I needed to blog about it.  Write about what it moves in me, and how it makes me feel.  It is so beautiful I felt compelled to share it with the world.   

I feel the essence of it, for me at least is about release.  Breathing in a new beginning and not really being able to clearly see what that beginning is.

With each breath one learns to trust that what we inhale will be just what we need.  As she tilts her head to spirit you get a sense of the release, the giving over, to blindly accept what is to come. Knowing that it will be as beautiful as the flowers which surround her. 

The picture touches my heart, my soul.  Speaks to me about believing in oneself as well as a higher power.  It reminds me to look at things for the beauty in which they represent not the mess or sadness they may create in your life. It represents inner beauty, trust,and faith. It shows the pause before the new beginning, no longer is she contemplating, but breathing in acceptance.  It is the release to what can be.

This painting has inspired me today… With that inspiration I will pause, and halt worry. I will know that the future is about to unfold.  I know that the fragrance of enlightenment is the sweetest smell of all.  I will close my eyes and trust not only in a higher power but in me.  I will trust myself and my inner knowing.  I will let confidence swell and blossom for tomorrow will be an amazing day.  Anything is possible.


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