I was reading a forecast for the month of November this weekend that really got me thinking.
What I read said that we should be holding ourselves in a neutral position. We should be observing and listening to all sides of the issue or situation and processing the information, not reacting. Pulling yourself outside of the situation and viewing it from a neutral position.

I realized that in a sense I am coming full circle.
What do I mean?

Well…when I started this journey, started really examining my inner self and my outer self I realized that I kept myself detached from my emotions and situations. I equated “detached” as a negative. I realize now (full circle) that detached is only a negative if you are unaware of your detachment or if you are detaching solely to avoid something.

Years later, after examining the different corners of my mind, looking within my energetic field, opening up my chakras and coming to appreciate my emotions, I have finally come to realize the difference.

Only after taking the path that I did, do I understand the difference. I can now go back to removing my self from uncomfortable situations. Not to hide or ignore them mind you, but to grow and be effective in my actions. I have learned that discernment is an inner process. It is not something to argue or openly cause conflict on. It is not about debating your point or being right. It is about being able to remove agenda from a situation and process it. To be able to sit with it free of emotion, to better able yourself to hear your inner voice, and make the right choice.

Being neutral is hard mind you. It seems that we naturally strive to be right. It has a lot to do with, recognition, acceptance, power and approval. In which case all of these are based in our first two chakras, and very ego focused.

I am not saying recognition, acceptance, power, or approval are bad things to want. I am saying that when wanting them ask yourself what the long term reward is. Look at what your striving for, does it lead you to where you want to be? Do you even realize where you are going? If you were to look at it by way of removing yourself from the situation would you see it the same way? Would you still want it, and what is it that you ultimately are looking for?

It all goes back to acting without agenda. Viewing life through our hearts. Speaking through our hearts. And living with positive intentions.

Viewing things through neutrality is the best way to interact with others. It frees you from judgement. Opens one up to acceptance and abundance. Actively removing the ego allows us all to see the bigger picture.

As I mentioned earlier, I have come full circle. This does not mean my journey is over, it means it is only beginning, for like the circle the learning is never ending.

Go out this week and practice neutrality, see how it effects you week.

Have a great week!

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