Letting go…easier said than done.


I am excited to start some new ventures and projects.
I wish I could say I was a hundred percent sure of myself, but if I am being honest I am not there yet. I believe it will come.

I keep reminding myself that all the signs are pointing towards change. Every where I look it is what I see, what I am focused on.

I also find that I am the biggest advocate for anyone and everyone to follow their heart and go for it, however when it comes down to myself I seem to get stuck in self doubt. I have noticed this getting less and less, but… it is still there.

I have known for quite some time that a end would come…I just have tried and tried to make it some other way. It is inevitable and this scares me. It is like taking off a band aide, I know that the slower I go the more it will hurt, yet fear paralysis me from just taking the leap.

I think it is amazing how much control fear actually has over us. I know in my heart and my soul that what I need to do is for the best, and will be the best for me, however letting go is so hard and is something we are taught not to do at such an early age.

Think about it. It is funny how as children, babies even, we are told “to hold on”. Hold on while we learn to walk. Hold on to my hand, hold on to the bike, the swing, the chair, the list goes on and on and ON. It is no wonder as we grow and become adults, we never want to let go of anything. We have been programed (for our safety) to never let go…to hold on.

How do we break this programming? When did we start to use it to keep ourself stationary? When did holding on become a crutch? Just like anything else in our lives we have these little programmed hurdles placed in our psyche. If you’re a parent, you’re probably reading this thinking, it is for our children’s safety. They need to learn to be safe. If we did not teach them to hold on, they would fall out, or get hurt. I agree, it is a necessary lesson. What we need to do however is follow it up later with letting our kids know that they should never be afraid of trying something new. Of moving forward in a new direction. To trust their heart.

My point here is I (personally) seem to place a lot of my blame of blockages on fear. I really want to show how it has a lot to do with programming as well.

Learning that letting go, doesn’t mean forgetting or leaving everything or one behind. It means growing and expanding. Taking what you have learned and bringing it with you. So often we think we need to shut off or leave behind things to move forward. And we don’t. What we do need is to realize that letting go and moving on is about repositioning ourselves to have room for something else. To bring with us what we have learned from that experience or relationship.

I recently read a great article about learning to let go and understanding what that really means. A lot of the time it means reprogramming how we perceive letting go. It doesn’t mean goodbye.

Holding on to situations and people in our first and second chakras can cause us to hold on for all the wrong reasons. We need to refocus the connection to our hearts. Our fourth chakra. Holding it here redirects the connection we have and are holding on to. Filling the situation/relationship with love and less with fear and or ego.

If you get a chance check out the following link.www.godandlight.com This is where I found the article on letting go that really connected with me.

Enjoy your week. Are you remembering your intentions…are you being conscious of what your setting?

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