Get ready for your manifestation!


It seems like a turbulent time for many of us right now. Activity seems heightened. I feel like everything is on some kind of super speed. Whatever mood I am in feels as though it is magnified. I thought it was just me, but in talking with others it seems to be more general than isolated.

The winds of time are definitely changing! I am sad to say that this feels like a common theme until the end of the calendar year.

This super speed can be good as well as trying. Really depends on where you are at and what you are working through. Like anything else I guess, it depends on the work you have left to do.

What both cracks me up and frustrates me at the same time is how forgetful I can be on what I have learned about myself…what do I mean? Well it has taken me a while to really figure out some of my incessant moods, but I finally realized (at one point this year) or you could say had an ah ha moment.

Let me explain it this way, it seemed I was always getting feelings on things ahead of time. Usually a few days before something would happen. I would get so agitated and or confused by what my emotions were. They wouldn’t make sense. I am an empath, so for the longest time I would chalk it off as picking up other peoples energies.

That probability only made sense for awhile. Because I then started noticing it in smaller environments, such as me and just one other person. I would get this intense feeling of frustration, or anger. I would ask the person, are you upset with me or something, you seem really angry. They would look at me like I was crazy and say, no…why? They would adamantly deny whatever I was claiming to pick up on. Then I would find about two days later they would call me or start talking to me about how angry they were with something. ok… one example, easily debunked I know, since life happens. But then even personally I would find that I would out of the blue become rattled with a conflicting emotion, only to have that emotion make perfect sense days later. It has become not a full premonition, but more of a barometer of what was to come.

As soon as I recall this I seem to forget it, and am equally amazed when I once again realize the connection. I believe it has a lot to do with how fast things are moving. We are all expanding and in that expansion our sensitivities are heightening. We are becoming more aware, more sensitive to our energetic field as well as those around us.

During this time of super speed, our emotions will be heightened, and if you are not aware of you own boundaries you will be picking up on things that are not only yours which can add frustration and confusion to you life right now.

What can we do?
Don’t forget to be aware of our personal space.
Breathe, remember that this will pass.
Remember that things are more intense right now, and what feels like yours may not be yours.
Use your boundaries. Place them as tight or as expansive as you need.
Be gentle on yourself.
Take this time to work through things.
Embrace the changes.
When emotions get the best of you, let them process through. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. The more you try to shut them off the bigger a force they will be later.

I don’t want to give the impression that this time is all bad, it’s not. This is a wonderful time of growth and seeding of our intentions. Manifestations are happening so fast right now, we need to be very conscious of what we are thinking and intending. Stay positive in your thoughts, for what you intend and focus on will be what you manifest.

Have a great November!!

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