The wall…

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horses, and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Ever feel like Humpty Dumpty?  Sitting on the top of the wall…feeling like you have a handle on all that is around and below you, only, moments later to find yourself in a pile of pieces at the bottom of the wall?

That was the kind of day I had yesterday. 

The one thing I really try hard to doing my writing  is balance my emotions. I never want to come off too negative.  I refuse to wallow or whine, I want to focus on moving forward and learning and observing the situation.  I think that too often we (a generalization) cling to the negative and never evaluate the situation and our reactions / behaviors enough to learn from them.  This week I challenged myself and anyone else that wanted to participate to maintaining a neutral stance.  This task has been much more difficult thank I had expected.  I have to say I think that overall… I have been fairly successful.  It is always so much easier to maintain neutrality when every thing is going along as it is supposed to be. The key is to be conscious of it in the times of friction.

I know mercury is still in retrograde but so far this week has been about testing my patience and remaining calm.  LOL!  Again I stress that this has been difficult.  Hurry up an wait…that is what I have spent the last few days doing. 

I have also been forced to practice, thinking before I speak and discerning what really needs to be said and what doesn’t. Who would have thought this would be so exhausting!  To think that the week is not even close to being over with.  

I think the important message here is, that when we find ourselves sitting in what feels like millions of pieces at the base of that wall, we have to remember that the only thing that holds us down is ourselves. We need to remember that no matter where you are, or how broken you can feel, you alone can pull it all together.  We have the power to change our perception, our lives.  We just have to remember to do the work and infuse that work in love and enlightenment with the desire for growth.  We need to stay away from blame and deflection of the root of the issues, this only encourages denial and holds us where we are at.  Always remember you are never truly alone spirit is  all around you.     Just waiting for the opportunity to assist you, you just need to ask.

Also since …it is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving…tomorrow will be the perfect time to really embrace that neutrality.  It will help in the chaos that can ensue when  families unite, and it can make the world of difference in your communication (thanks Mercury!).    

Have a great Wednesday!

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