The Seeds of Intention


I took an amazing walk this afternoon. I am so lucky to have a path along a ditch (right by my home) that take you to a reservoir. Sadly I have not been on this path all year. Funny how we can take the things that are the closest to us for granted.

I suppose that goes for many things in our lives. We always seem to think that things and people will always be there. There is always a tomorrow. Sometimes however, tomorrow never comes. Shouldn’t we actually live each day, instead of spending so much of our life and time pushing it away?

I think now is the perfect time to take a look at how we can better live our days. October seems to be a good month for harvesting our thoughts, and identifying our intentions.

Many may need to start at the beginning

  1. Sit and take a look at what you want your lives to look like.
  2. What do you want in it.
  3. What do you want more or less of?
  4. Evaluate your priorities.
  5. Write them out (this helps in recommitting to them).

Contrary to what many of us may believe the list is the actual hard part. The doing is the easy.

To put your list into motion all you need to do is set your intentions. How do you set your intentions? That is what the list is. Everything you laid out as a want more of, need less of. Those, are intentions.

Now set them free. Release them to the wind, let spirit take them and nestle them into fruition.

The key is setting the intention, and then releasing them to a higher power. Let spirit receive the intentions and guide you along the way. Now I said this was the easy part right? And it truly is, for many of us figuring out what we want is the hard part. But when I say easy, I don’t mean as in a magic genie will appear and grant all your wishes true. You actually have to do the work.

But if it’s what you want more of, and or less of, is it really work? Part of seeding the intention is setting it within yourself as well. The biggest lesson on earth is actually being willing to do the work. That doesn’t mean it will require blood, sweat, tears, or frustration. It does mean you have to be an active participant in your own life.

Don’t think you are alone.
Open your heart up to receiving guidance.
Your Angels and guides are always standing by. Waiting for you to hear them, see the signs they have left you and notice the clues they put along your path. They want to help, you just have to ask, and be open to receiving their help.

Imagine taking those intentions, and blowing them deeply into the wind, letting them float along the waves of spirit and the flutter in the breeze of tomorrow.

Take a deep breath in and as the air comes in…smile. Hold for a count of seven and release, and as the air leaves… So do all your doubts however; your smile remains.

Have a wonderful week.



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