Love the life your in…you picked it.

End of the season flower I found in the mountains.

I am amazed how fast this month is going. Here it is October 20th, happy Birthday Mom by the way! ūüôā¬†

Thinking of birthdays… do you know that each one of us had a hand in picking our birthdays.¬† Not only did we have a hand in picking our day of birth, but we picked our life, our families even¬†our astrological sign.¬† This was not a rash decision either.¬† We researched and contemplated for what would seem like years to us here on earth.¬†¬†

I know that many have a really hard time accepting this concept.¬† Many would wonder…why would I have chosen this… such a hard life for myself?¬† Many of the experiences we have in our life are lessons, some harder than others.¬†

We as a spirit body spent an enormous amount of time gathering information and collectively working¬†in spirit to put your individual path together, piece by piece person by person.¬† Now don’t get me wrong, our life is not all “predetermined” we have free will and choice.¬† This is why the plan takes so long to put into place, so many variables.¬†¬†

The Spirit takes a look at where it has been.¬† Look at all the experiences that it has gathered.¬† Stronger spirits will take on tougher lessons.¬† The old saying you are only given as much as you can handle, it is really true.¬† What about those that leave too early or take themselves out before they seem to be done, you might ask?¬† That may have been their path?¬† It is not that they couldn’t handle it any more or were weak.¬† Possibly the lesson was for those around them.

We all are interconnected.¬† We are all her to teach each other¬†something.¬† When our spirit is¬†laying out¬†our plan/path they don’t¬†just sit and plop hurdles and roadblocks.¬† The intention is to learn things the easiest way, but as a¬†physical body we¬†more often than not do things the hard way.¬† But when making this plan, there are many people, past connections and new spirits that contract with us.¬† They all agree to help us fulfill our mission (so to speak) we are all collectively connected in spirit and light.¬†

Hate, pain, loss, regret are all in our lives for a reason, but so are love, joy, pride, connections, bliss, amazement.  The light and the dark.  Balance.  Sometimes we can get lost in the dark, when that happens we have usually stopped looking within.  Within us all our spirit and light shines.  It is a never-ending flame that no matter how dark it gets, deep within a light will always be there to guide us on our way. 

We create our experiences.  We create our reaction to the life events we experience.  No matter the path that we may have designed for ourselves in spirit, we have always had the power to create how that experience may affect us and how we will choose to react to it.  

I was told in a reading I had a few years back something that really intrigued me.¬† We were doing past lives and was told that the lifetime they saw was not the normal physical lifetime.¬† It was of¬† me as spirit.¬† She told me as spirit energy we all had jobs so to speak… not like now, but jobs nonetheless.¬† She said I was one of the master spirits that helped with the creation of the soul path, life plans.¬† I was an old soul (oracle) that had experienced many, many lifetimes. She also told me that my current life path/plan was chosen to remember and familiarize¬†myself of the challenges and tribulations that the lessons we choose can take in physical form.¬† She said I wanted to remember and better understand the realities and constraints that we put on ourselves when we are in physical form.¬† Our spirit know love and healing and the abundance¬†of energy, it is sometimes confused by how hard we make things.¬† I liked this reading… this life really resonated with me.¬† I remember it frequently and hold on to the thought.¬†

Life is beautiful, and we all have things to absorb, transition through, and climb over.¬† Just know that where ever you are in your life path/plan, you… your higher self, your spirit knew you could do it, knows you can do it.¬† You just have to remember to not do it alone.¬† Look within to find your light.¬†Look to the people in your life, they are there for a reason.¬† Even that stranger you¬†just met or bumped into.¬† Look outside the traditional and always remember things happen for a reason. And sometimes you have to look even outside yourself and at the big picture.¬†

Enjoy your Saturday!



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