Learning to let go.


Learning to let go. The trees do it, why can’t I?

I think Fall is a really good time to look at this lesson. For me this seems to be a tough one. I find that I personally have a really hard time letting go of things, people and even patterns. I know I cannot be the only one! We are out there. I know that there is a bigger picture to all of this. Why we are here. Why I chose the path I did. But for some reason…letting go and taking that step off the cliff is SO very hard to actually do.

When I sit and contemplate this, the message I receive over and over is always the same, it’s an ingrained behavior. It is carried over from not one but many (for me at least) past lives.

I recently read a posts from one of my favorite bloggers(Yamya ~ check her out) http://crystalmoons.wordpress.com and I think she stated it very nicely. On this journey to achieve a higher state of consciousness we need to make sure that we actually take the time and work on healing ourselves. We need to remember to not just push through to the next so-called chapter. So, I am attempting to bring awareness to the issue and work at figuring this inability to let things go, out. Hopefully it may help you look within and figure things out as well.

It confuses me at how I can be spontaneous one minute (in a controlled environment mind you LOL!) and so extremely structured in the next. The point is I have a huge fear of loss. A terrifying fear of losing the ones I love, leaving and being forgotten. I have shared this with friends and loved ones who will sometimes just look at me funny and say Oh come on how could anyone forget you? The point is this feeling, this fear that sits deep within my chest, and is actually real. Based on what I am learning the first place to look to for healing…is my Heart Chakra!

What is it that makes us hold on so tight?

So tight we risk losing all that we hold on to?

Some may say its the “L” word… Love. How can that be really? Love is eternal. The higher I go the more I realize that. How can love make us not let go? In the stories and tales aren’t we supposed to be able to set something free, and if it comes back to you it was yours if it doesn’t it never was. It can’t all be a lie… So, it must be something called fear. I think fear may be the new four letter f word!

I have held too tightly to many things in my life. I don’t want you to think I am talking only about relationships here. I am talking about so much more than just relationships. I am talking about clothing, cars, papers, houses, mementos, letters, jobs… and yes people. We maintain and create all kinds of relationships. Sometimes we can hold on too long to those things. The question for me again is why?

We can all analyze our current lives. And many may find that the solution to our problems can easily be solved right here. Something that spells out the explanation of why our lives turned out the way they did, and why we have some of the issues that we may have. However; sometimes all the self analysis in this world or lifetime won’t fix the underlying issue, since it may be underlying in another lifetime.

For me, I have had numerous readings in my classes by other students, where we have reviewed past lives in each other. The past lifetimes that have been seen for me have stayed fairly consistent. You don’t need to have a past life regression to know that an issue may be from a past life. What you need to do is listen to yourself. Ground yourself and meditate on your issues. What doesn’t make sense to you ask for it to be released from you.

Start with asking your guides to relieve you of this unnecessary block.
Become aware of it, this alone helps to weaken it’s hold on you.
Imagine the best out come…you can do this by removing all the fear, and anxiety that holds you in place.

Next look into balancing your Chakra’s. We will talk more on that soon, I think this gives us a pretty good start. Awareness is always the best start!

Our lessons will keep repeating themselves until we actually learn them. Just something to think about.

Have a good evening…

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