Hey…don’t I know you?


In one of my recent blogs, I talked about picking your life. I feel like going back to that topic little.

While we are in that process, of mapping out our life, figuring the lessons and what experiences we want to encounter, we will contract with others to help us on our journey.

Some are here to help us remember where we came from, while others are here to help us achieve our goals, and keep us headed in the right direction.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and feel like you know them, or have known them forever, and feel instantly comfortable? Or have you made a connection with someone that you just met but instantly trust and you can’t explain it? I know you have heard of love at first sight…how is it possible?

These people may be a stranger to you here, now… But chances are you have spent a lifetime or two together in the past. These are people we either have created a bond with and have agreed to be in our lives as either a reminder of our spirit, or to help
us on our journey.

These encounters can though can go both ways however. You know…you meet someone, whom everyone likes, but something inside you rejects everything about them. These special (souls) people have agreed to play this roll for you. They also carry big messages. A lot of times those very same traits you clash with or dislike are traits within ourselves that we need to look at and work on. And sometimes they are there to activate that moral compass of ours that may have gone dormant. Their roll may be to force you to make changes that you would not have made, due to becoming too comfortable. They could be there to awaken that part of you that you did not even know existed. So many reasons!

Relationships will also come into our lives over and over again. Rolls may be reversed or all together different. We may have had a unrequited love for someone that comes into our life this time as a best friend, or a love interest. Sometimes these relationships will continue to cross each other in hopes of helping us to work on the issues that have kept us apart, or to make us a better person.

Some relationships could be karmic, a repeated action from a different perspective, intended to teach you something that you have missed before. Karma in general is both positive and negative, maybe the only way to repent or learn or change is to expeience something for yourself.

The thing is, we all need to remember that every person that touches our life, touches it for a reason. Even if it just for a moment, all it takes is a moment to trigger something in us that can change the course of our life completely. Sometimes those people pop up because we have specifically gone so far off course, that we need to be reminded of our hearts path, nudged and sometimes pushed back in the direction of our original path.

The hard part, is learning to love and appreciate everyone. The beauty of mankind, is all our differences we bring to the table. We each have something to teach and share with one another, no matter who you are.

So, remember that in traffic, in line when your frustrated with someone…stop and ask yourself, what can I learn right now. What can this situation or person teach me?

Happy Wednesday!!


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