It feels like now is the time for focus. Seeing things with a clearer perspective.

I don’t know about any of you out there but the energy in my life feels very intense lately. Everything is a little more heightened. I find that many situations or transactions in my life can seem very intense for a lack of a better word. What I would normally pass off as plain frustration upon looking a little closer I see the issue with much more clarity.

This new found sense of clarity is causing a little bit of an overload which can lead to frustration. I shall compare it to getting your eyes tested and finding out you need glasses! You get used to seeing things a certain way day in and day out. Never realizing that what you are seeing is blurred or slightly askew. Then you get your new glasses… put them on and things seem brighter, crisper, clearer full of color. These new glasses can clear the way you see things but it can also cause some strain and pressure on your new found vision, sometimes even causing a headache. Why would seeing clearer cause this? With the clarity comes so much more detail and focus. The transition is fairly short for in all actuality you are decreasing the strain on your eyes and your muscles. Where you once had to strain to really focus on an image (issue) you no longer have to. Your brain is relieved of it’s additional duty.

Just like the new pair of glasses, when we continue to raise our vibrations our vision and mental clarity continues to become more and more detailed. We understand more of what used to cause us so much anquish and dissatisfaction.
We are able to grow spiritually. However that initial onslaught of focus and clarity in the form of information can cause a mental overload. Many of us are on the path to enlightenment, however we don’t always understand how that path will affect us physically and or emotionally.

Add all of that to where we are universally right now it downright spells INTENSE! With the alignment of the planets the changing patterns of earth herself, and the season, everything is all about change right now.

Change, Intention, Manifestation, Focus. I read something on a friends newsletter recently,that said if you feel like you have hit a wall maybe you have. The point is, sometimes some of the messages and signs we get are only the ones we respond to. That soft feather tap telling you your headed in the wrong direction, doesn’t seem to do the trick (9 out of 10 times). So they throw a brick wall at you, where spirit is saying hold up there buddy! They are telling you whatever you are doing is not helping you out. Stop what you are doing, focus, and think about where you’re headed, and what it is you are wanting. So, stop ignoring the wall. Use the newfound clarity that you have, to look inward and see what it is you are really wanting to happen in your life.

I have noticed that meditating has helped me. The only way I can really meditate is by (in my head) talking myself through my steps to grounding (check out my archived posts on this). When I am at the last step and filling myself in has been a great spot to stop and let what I need come in instead of picking things myself. The only thing I say here now is, to fill me with what I need. The other thing that has helped me is writing. Sometimes I am in control of what I write and other times I start with a sentence and let it flow from there,

What ever method sounds interesting to you (or maybe something I did not even mention) now is the time to do it. Now is the time for growth and setting intentions. Now is when we plant our dreams and aspirations and hopes. Providing them with a good foundation is key. This is where clarity and focus can be your friend.

For me it always seems easier to list what it is I don’t want, or don’t like. I used to think this frustrating and pretty negative, however I don’t know what I don’t know… so in a sense if I set the parameters as such it can only be better than what I did not want right? I am not capping it and missing on something better that I could never even fathom, right? I know some people that will say “I want this or better” I think this is a great option as well. Especially if you have a specific starting point.

Back to Focus. October to me feels like it is heavy on intention. I feel that every situation looks a little clearer to me. I see so much more detail in what once seemed so straight forward. Which allows me to stand back a little and look at the bigger pitcure (unlike before I felt I needed to be in the middle of it to really see it). This perspective allows me to (I think) make a clearer decision, if a decision is even warrented. Sometime the best thing to do is stand quietly to the side and let things unfold on their own.

The point I am trying to make is, embrace the frustration. Don’t instantly pass it off to anger. The Challenge I did the other week really helped me see through my instant reaction or emotion. Frustration and anger are big emotions, sometimes these emotions are what are needed to cause us to take notice of something we keep ignoring.

Embrace Focus, Clarity and pause and think before you give in to Anger. Someone may be trying to tell you something.

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