Effects of Transformation

Today I noticed I was feeling… a bit different, a little off-balance.  I started to worry a bit, as this “different” feeling was feeling a tad bit like detachment, and this got me thinking.

All of us out there that are undergoing a transformation of some kind need to really take a look at what you have been trying to transform or  manifest. 

Now, I would attribute my feelings of “detachment” to the end result of whatever I had set my intentions to.  Look at it like this.  You have a stack of Dominoes all laid out (imagine this is your life) with twists and turns here and there.  The first Domino standing in the line (of your life pattern) is you at your current stage of growth/life.  This single domino is the one that affects all the other dominoes. 

If you are at a point in your life (like I am)  of reviewing your life path, this first domino represents the initial action of the intention/s you set .  Many of us when setting our intentions, do so with the end result in mind.  I know I do.  This is the direct goal right? This is the light we aim for.  And as is with every choice we make in our life we are affected by this choice.

What we fail to understand is that a transformation, is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. That feeling you’re experiencing today of detachment could really be part of your transformation.  A reprogramming of values and attachments that either no longer serve you or your end intention. It could just be the new connection with something within your transformation.  The key is to recognize it for what it is and if you are comfortable with this new attachment, acknowledge it and proceed.  If however you feel uncomfortable with it, it may be time to look over your original intention.  Does it still serve you. Is it still what you need or want?  It is your life, don’t just go along for the ride, be an active participant.   

I guess what I am trying to say is, for every action there is a reaction and then another and another and so on. I believe that an action creates a reaction which then creates another action and another reaction.  I am starting to wonder if it is possible that when those intentions we set don’t pan out like we originally hoped is it possible that we may have self sabotaged them along the way? 

Hmmm… how can I explain this…
Let’s say you set your intention to create better balance in your life between family and work.  
You have focused on this intention, you have visualized the end result.  You are dedicated to this and you believe it can happen.  Then, one day you are driving to work and you start to feel detached or apathetic.  You question this feeling.  This is possibly your intention being created.  Sometimes on our path of change and improvement some of the things in our life will change as well.  Subtle things/changes… that you may have never thought were connected to the set intention. This slight feeling of detachment may be what is needed to create the better balance you were intending.

 Back to the domino illusion again.  Think of it like this when you tip the balance of the first domino (you, by changing your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns) this domino takes motion forward (growth) and effectively changes the balance of everything in its path.  Every interaction will somehow be affected by the changes you create. 

Transformation takes work, patience and diligence.  The perfect example of this is the butterfly.
The caterpillar did not become a butterfly overnight… it went through a long gruelling process which included: strength, perseverance, growth,  focused intention, seclusion as well as pain. The end result however; BEAUTIFUL

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