Catching up with spirit


I recently met an amazing woman at a local Holistic fair. I have actually been drawn to her business for quite some time. Many of the motorcycle trips we have taken up to Estes Park , I have found myself walking next to her office. Grabbing a flyer and thinking one of these times I will stop in.

I met her accidentally at this fair. We nearly bumped into each other walking down a crowded isle at this fair. We started talking and she asked me if we knew each other. I said no, but I have been outside of your shop many times. What she said to me next really stuck. She said, oh…that’s it. Your spirit has already visited me, I have been expecting you.

We walked back to her booth and we talked. I ended up having her do this crystal art grid for my meditation room, to help me open up and heal my heart chakra. She also includes a channeled message from my guides, both spirit and angels. I got the piece Friday, it exceeded my expectations and I am totally in love with it. It is beautiful.
The message has truly touched me as well.

My meditation space, is becoming very sacred and comforting. Please check out her site. She does not have the art pieces up yet, but is planing to post them soon. She is an inspiration. Inner healing

The message from my guides was titled “Presence” this is so fitting! The crystal that was chosen for me to sit in the center of the grid is apophyllite. A beautiful crystal. I actually went to a local rock and gem store and bought a couple clusters for my home. Love my rocks, and my new grid!!

Looking forward to what comes next in my life.



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