A quick poem…enjoy


Beauty, dreams and desire.
Timing is what we think is right.
Now it is time to look within,and win the fight.

What inspires you?
What is it inside that…just…feels right.
Breath in, feel it grow.
What is inside your heart? Do you know?

Darkness, the sky is aglow.
The water trickles and the stars begin to light.
Crickets chirp, the lone bird calls, a car buzzes by somewhere in the night.

Listen, deeply. What do you hear. Can you hear your calling, are you near?

Nighttime has begun to call.
Stillness is upon us.
Darkness encompasses all.

Once it was frightening, full of the unknown, now it comes as comfort, a blanket of hope and protection. Ushering in our dreams…and preparing us for slumber.

Good night

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