Introspection…boundaries…a journey


Went on a motorcycle ride this evening.
This doesn’t sound that exciting I know, as I go on quite a few rides. What makes tonights ride special is the peace it brought me.

Sometimes I need to shut down, we all do. Riding on the back of the motorcycle is just one crazy way that I have found that really helps me to do so. Tonight was one of those nights.

I know I have talked about my recent issue with writers block (which I still have) however, I still have a lot rolling around in there (my head) that today I needed to shut off. Words, issues and life events that I can’t put down on paper or in my blog just sit up there and roll around and around and round!

It was a beautiful night in Loveland Colorado. The mountains were beautiful, the meadows amazing and the sky was extremely endearing. While riding I kept reaching out asking for a sign, words of wisdom, for help. I don’t ask for help often or easily. Side note…It is a personal fault of mine. As we rode, even as relaxed as I was, I could not help but get frustrated. I kept saying, please a sign…I need to know you are listening.

I normally see a hidden deer, and a Hawk or Eagle and tonight I saw nothing. I was about ready to give up and assume my sign, lesson was to look within, not outside myself for what I need. That I need to stand alone (so to speak). I believe that this is still part of my lesson…my sign, and I say this because the lack of all the other stimuli I usually have and see, was just not there. That in itself was a pretty big message. Stand on your own two feet…and take that next step, because you want it, not because others led you that way. Be you…

As we were riding on our final leg back towards home I was enjoying the scenery when out of the blue I received a clairaudient sign. The word “boundaries” popped into my mind. Loudly and very clearly. My eyes were also drawn to an address on a house…333. I will research these numbers for a more in-depth message. But back to the word, boundaries.

As this word presented itself to me, I was admiring the fences around this farm, their property. I realized that besides standing on my own is something I need to do, I need to remember to do it with others. Sounds hypocritical I know… But the key to this success, is boundaries.

Leave the what if’s at the gate, leave the why me and what did I do, or how will I decide at the gate. Set boundaries around your light. Don’t let outside sources impose their issue upon you. Keep your faith, your focus and the higher purpose that you know is yours. Boundaries…this was a beautiful (sign) reminder.

For me this ride was very therapeutic, helpful and provided lots of personal insight. I really wanted to share my personal experience to remind you and myself (actually) the original purpose of my blog. To share with you, and myself this crazy, and oh so real clairvoyant journey I am on…that really each one of us are on. Some of us have chosen to be awake while on this adventure, others are either in the process of waking up or still dreaming of the possibilities. No matter what stage you are in, embrace it and know that it is the right stage for you at this time.


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