Fear Challenge – Day 5!


The photo above, which I took on a hike about two years ago, really depicts how hard it can be to sometimes let go. Shows how intertwined we can be.

I am having a hard time today looking at any fears. I felt relatively refreshed and excited for my weekend. Last night in my Thursday Clarivoyant class we worked on the Warrior Soul Type (we have been working on a specific type each class) and it was one perfectly timed and very insightful. I think that next week I will definatly need to focus on past lives and the experiences /imprints we carry over from them.

Today’ revelations

1) Fear- Letting go

2) Alternate reaction- to accept the release and look to forward, to what could be, what is to come. Be both excited for the new chance, opportunity, and experiences. Be happy for the time and relationships that we were able to have the honor encountering.

3) Rational or Irrational-Yes, it is rational. There, I chose a side. so let me explain why I think it is rational. Letting go of something you know and love is hard. Sometimes it is one of the hardest things you can do. Letting go means you will be starting new, and moving into a different direction. A direction unfamiliar to you that you will possibly be doing alone. So…yes this is a rational fear, change and loss is hard.

4) My take on the fear, and what signs are there to recognize it as such in the future- My take of the fear of letting go is… it is HARD. Personally I love new opportunities. I love seeing new things and experiencing the new. However letting go of things is a different story. I think I am afraid of forgetting and being forgotten. Afraid that what ever was…was not real. That would then make me doubt all my feelings and experiences. Are they only real while they are in the forefront of our mind? Let’s go back to the rational question, do I think the feeling I just described is rational? No…I don’t, do I still have this fear…unfortunately yes, to some extent. I also said it before…sometimes if you hold on to something to tight or too long (no matter what it is) you will kill it, suffocate it. It goes back to balance. Embrace the change. examine what it is you’re afraid of forgetting or letting go. Figure out why, and how you can let go but still hold on. It all goes back to balance and recognizing when our fears are not only overwhelming us…but ruling us.

This does go a bit deeper, however I think it will fit better in my wrap up blog on Sunday.

This project, was hard and proved challenging pretty much every step of the way however, I would also do it again in a heartbeat. It has helped me slow down my reaction time… made me stop and really think about what I am experiencing, what my feeling…means. I am really excited to write my wrap up. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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