Fear Challenge Day 2


Many of you who follow me are probably wondering what the issue is with me and the lost blogs….join the club. I have no idea. I will just move forward.

Challenge Day 2

1) Fear- Todays fear (at least with my lost blog) was Anxiety. However…after losing it…and the rest of the issues I had this evening, I am changing it to… Losing something, someone, or being lost.

2) Alternate response to this fear– this question feels weird here for me. Doesn’t feel as if it flows, but I will go with it since it was my original plan. Let’s see…an alternate reaction to this fear…stop and see if there is a real potential, in regards to safety and security then act appropriately. If not breathe deeply and proceed. Remind yourself that nothing lost is nothing gained… (as stupid as this sounds it does have it’s case). We need to experience loss sometimes to appreciate what we have.

3) Analyze…is the fear Rational or Irrational Fear- in today’s case, yes and no! HA! There’d goes my both sided answer. Life is soooo not yes or no, or black or white. Back to this fear today. It actually took me a while to uncover it.

4) My take on the Fear, and signs to help me recognize it in the future– The best way to really explain this is to start off at the beginning. I went through a series of losing things. One of which was my blog,before that however my friend was going to go to a class with me. She was not able to come and I lost my partner for the evening. I called my daughter, and got voice mail. I was leaving a message when all of a sudden (It must have been too long of a message) it said “your message has been erased” I was like…what!? I wasn’t done yet! Called back and the call was lost/dropped. I then proceeded to get “lost”, going to my class. Looked at my clock and it said: 6:35, my class started at 6:30. Argh!!! What was going on?! I decided to call information (in an attempt to get directions) only to have the call never get answered. I called back, got help, went literally around the block and found the place, and…it was now 6:33! What happened to the other two minutes??

I parked and went into the class. The class was on Learning to connect with the other side. Great class, great affirmations to what I have been doing as well as experiencing in my life and practice. What did I learn? I have a fear of losing people…of getting lost, being left behind. I need to over come this. I hold on to this fear so tightly that I cause things to get lost. I get blinded to what is in front of me. I push things away. Including my gift, friends, family and loved ones. Push them, detach before I can feel the pain of losing them. This affects me deeply in all areas of my life. I need to heal this emotion. Sometimes holding things too tightly kills it. Sometimes being too detached shuts things down or off prematurely. I need to hold what I love with care, and an unconditional energy.
Signs to look for are what other emotions come through with the fear of losing something…then ask…why would you lose this?
In regards to getting lost…look at it as an opportunity to be where you need to be at that time. There is always a reason. Open your eyes and heart and find it. We are never really lost, unless we choose to close ourselves off.

Day two… As challenging as yesterday, but for many different reasons….
Thanks for your patients. I started this on a whim, but I am amazed at what I am learning to express.

Thank you.

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