Chakra’s, chakra’s and more chakra’s the key is to let your love flow…


This week was a big one. Busy in the physical sense for me, as well as spiritually. I can definitely tell that there is a full moon tomorrow remember to check out The power path for this months forecast at . My physical body has little tells that I am learning to pick up on and certain kinds of headaches are one of them. This week I have certainly been plagued with that lovely little tell.

What I wanted to share with you however is an experience I had last Sunday at a local holistic fair in Loveland Colorado. I showed up expecting to speed through and maybe pick up some more crystals (rocks) and be done. It seems that no matter where I go, that is what I am consistently drawn to. Sometimes so much so, that I cannot make a choice and after spending hours touching and looking at them, I leave empty handed. I know that I truly have a connection with these gems…I actually get such an overwhelming sense of love and a connection that I cannot choose. Like choosing a favorite child…it is impossible. As always this happened. I did not purchase any stones. I was enthralled and overwhelmed and left empty handed (of rocks that is) believe me though, I touched my fair share that day.

What did happen was a different opening up of sorts. I had my chakras and aura photographed (with this special camera that also reads your biofeedback) it also included a 10 minute chakra reading and translation of sorts. Granted now, I am a hard person to read. I seem to resist and block my energy at times. On this day the connection I felt with the woman doing the reading was, very comforting. I felt that I could trust her. This in of itself is really rare for me, especially in this type of environment.

I did chuckle a bit when I first sat down because she told me I had a very big energy. I really can project it out there. I feel that for the most part I vibrate at a very high frequency, sometimes a little too high (as well as too low on days) internally I shook my head at myself so to speak and reminded myself to maybe pull in a bit.

I was truly thankful that I had allowed myself to really open up and let myself be seen.

The photograph of my chakra’s and my aura felt very accurate for me, visually.

She provided me with some insight that I was finally able to receive, some of it I already knew, but had been continuing to doubt. Her speaking it out loud, allowed (calling me out on it) me to really hear it. Hearing her tell me what I already felt or new inside made it so I wasn’t able to justify it or pretend that it wasn’t what it really was. The work I needed to do was validated.

For the most part all my chakras are big and bright. The two that were more controlled were my fifth and my fourth.

In regards to my fifth. She asked me if I had been biting my tongue a lot lately. I laughed out loud at this. Yes, I said. Yes I have (for those of you that followed me last week you know just how true this was). I have been focusing on speaking through my heart, trying not to let the anger, fear and frustrations I had been feeling come through my communications to others. I have been working on thinking before I speak. Filtering so to speak. She told me that I speak with grace and that I need to trust that and to not constrain my communication so tightly. Let the words, feelings, truth flow freely.

She then moved to my heart. She told me it was like I was keeping it in a box. Man, oh man. She saw what I was doing. When I ground myself a lot of the time I will finish off by putting up a protection of color and energy around my heart, to keep it safe.

She was very forthcoming with information and things I need to work on in my fourth. Here is some of what I was told. I need to learn to trust. Believe in others. Trust that they will be there or if they aren’t to know it is because they were not supposed to be. I need to learn to receive. That by giving not only do I deplete myself (which I knew) but I come off as selfish and that what I am being given is not good enough (which I really did not realize). I need to receive to replenish so I can continue to give. I also need to accept receiving just for the mere beauty of receiving. This is very hard for me. VERY. This energy ball I place around my heart chakra on a daily basis has morphed a bit this last year. It used to be a solid ball (like a hollowed out glass ball) now it is more like a hamster ball. Full of little holes to allow air in. But in my case to allow love in. I think of it like a two way mirror. I can see freely out (give love freely out) but it takes work for someone to see in or get the love in, for me to accept it.

The other thing she said to me in regards to this, was that once I let someone in, they were really in. I don’t allow love in frivolously so when it makes it’s way in I take it seriously, and it’s not easily dismissed. Even harder for me to let it go. This is also a very true statement.

Overall she provided me with some truly great personal insight. Homework that I started working on right away.

The reason i felt compelled to share this is i think we all need to look at are hearts. What I really want us all to look at and think about is, what does YOUR heart chakra look like.

In this chakra we holds many keys. So many things unfold when we learn to look in and accept what we see. I don’t believe I am in the minority when we talk about a constrained or restricted heart chakra.

The task we all face is loving and accepting not only the spirit we are but the person/face we see in the mirror everyday. This is so important!

I came up with a few simple key words to meditate on, or focus on even if it’s just for the weekend. See how they resonate or what they open up for you.
They are:
1) acceptance
2) trust
3) respect
4) forgiveness
5) acceptance (I list this twice, because it is that important! Do you truly accept yourself and or what others give you?)

Believe me I know this is not as easy as I may be making it sound, but it is very important. Small-baby steps my friends.

No matter what path you are on it all stops or continues on through your heart chakra. Are you guilty of self sabotage? We can manifest and intend until we are blue in the face, But ultimately our heart chakra holds the key.

This holistic fair provided me another really meaningful encounter that day, and I look forward to sharing that with you all in a separate post hopefully real soon, in the mean time, open up your heart, and let your love flow…


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