The Fu Dog


It was one of those days. Man…glad it is over. I was feeling rather disappointed in myself at one point today.

You see…I talk about grounding and being positive and yet today I just couldn’t get myself all the way there.

I was full of frustration which led to anger. We all strive to be the best we can be…I sound like a military ad. But really. My goal is peace and understanding. I want to be encouraging to others and help them to open their heart…their soul and see themselves. See their true potential. But sometimes it is just…really hard.

Today was one of those days. I think that my message to myself today however, is not about being disappointed in myself. Knowing that sometimes it is necessary and right to voice your feelings. It’s about learning to know when to stand up for what you believe.

When any of us decide to live life through spirit and our best intention, we need to remember that is not only OK to protect ourselves, but necessary.

This sometimes requires us to use our voice. Standing up for ourselves is not wrong. Standing up for what you believe is not wrong. Doing those things from a vengeful or with the intent to hurt someone, that… is wrong.

So often we confuse standing up and having a voice or being slightly confrontational as all bad. It is not. It is with purpose. We are worth fighting for, as is our beliefs and our well being. Don’t let the misguided thoughts of what you may have been taught growing up lead you to treating yourself as less than you deserve to be treated.

We are so vey often taught to take care of others first. To think of others before we think of ourselves. That we naturally start to put ourselves second. We should be first. By taking care of us…ourselves, only then can we truly begin to help take care of others. The key is remembering to speak through the heart.

Let your heart chakra act as a filter. This is different then speaking from the heart. From, conjures up way to much emotion. Through the heart is the key. Let your heart chakra help filter your expression to one of love and compassion….for yourself as well as others.

To top off my message today,on my home this evening I looked up at the sky. At first it looked like a normal sunset. I then however was drawn to a cloud formation. When I first looked at it I saw what looked like an aggressive barking Fu dog. Coming out from the throat area, were many bright rays of light.

To me it represented me…today. An angry barking…protective Fu dog full of intensity. Intent of protecting. With a strong focus on communication.

Fu Dog (foo dog) is a Chinese guardian lion….hmmm… Seems fitting for the month doesn’t it. We just have to remember we are worth guarding.


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