Power begins on the inside


So is it coincidental that on the last night of July a Lion makes a showing in my dream? At first I thought it was really odd but it actually ended up making perfect sense.

In my dream I was standing in my garage looking out at my driveway. People were around, my kids and their friends. Many that I did not know. But we suddenly notice a large male lion walking towards our driveway. Common sense prompted us to close the garage door. Once we did we all stood and peered out the windows on the door (in reality my garage doors do not have windows). I recall being calm, methodical actually, as I watched this lion walk up and over my husbands truck. He just stopped and looked at me. We just looked at each other. I seemed a little bored, I was done watching him. I turned and realized the back door of my garage was open. I walked over to shut it and decided to step outside and look around. Once on my patio I looked up towards the sky, the sun was starting to set upon the mountains, but what else caught my eye was a giraffe. He stood there nibbling on my Aspen trees.
Even this didn’t seem odd to me. But in recalling this dream what does feel strange and slightly eery is that the whole dream was silent.

I was really confused and excited when I woke up. I don’t usually dream of animals, let alone a lion and giraffe. I was very cowries as to what message I was being prompted to decipher. Resisting the urge to jump up and log into my favorite symbol site “What’s your sign” what’s your sign I sat and thought about what these animals mean to me.
The lion, is regal and full of strength and power with a sprinkling of intimidation and admiration. With the lion their presence is sometimes all that is needed to reclaim their power. They often times instill fear in others with their presence alone.

The giraffe speaks to me of communication. Having the ability to see what is on the horizon. They look at things from a higher perspective. They are appear methodical, gentle and quiet.

Both these fit with what I feel in my life right now. After I processed the dream, I realized that my message was about reclaiming my power, yet remembering to do it in a calm gentle manor. That I need not open my mouth to roar but understand that wherever I chose to give myself away it was time to claim it back. I need to look at the problems and issues from a higher perspective to see the direction that I am going. Kneed to trust in the process and know I am headed in the right direction. UCA not rush the process, I need to take the time to digest what I am absorbing…intaking…learning. Only then will the we speak our true voice.

There was no fear in the dream for the same reason there was no sound…this is an internal process. The work is internal. Once completed the external will benefit. But to succeed in what I am working on or what I am struggling with I must first go with in and evaluate where I gave myself and in turn…my power away.

To further validate my message I received my monthly email from The Power Path to read that the month of August is about Power. The Power Path

One thing I was reminded in my dream about power is that power does not have to be forced, or aggressive, what benefits us now is a silent power. One that you obtain from within. It is not about forcing your message on others or ramming your beliefs down someone’s throat. It is about believing I. Your self and holding your space, think of the beautiful lion.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. And as always…remember to keep your eyes and your mind open for your personal signs.



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