Personal time capsule


I was digging around today. I found a box with notes and mementos that I have saved since I was in junior high. Ok…we are talking about as far back as the 70’s! Yes, I realize for many of you reading this…that makes me…OLD! It was long before cell phones…texting…IM-ing twitter…Facebook…and sexting!! Ha!

I found notes! It’s crazy how much time we spent writing these and passing them back and forth. These notes…were snippits in time. And for some reason they were important enough to earn them a place in this box. My own personal time capsule.

I feel as though I was given a chance to get a glimpse of who I was, and really who I wanted to be. I found pictures, and cards even plays that I had written as well as some poems.

I think I am being asked to look within. To take a walk down memory lane and remember who i had been. I believe my message for the week is to remember the girl I was, remember who I wanted to be. Meditate on that person, check in. It was good to know that I have always been a romantic, an idealist. I have always been someone that believed in the heart. I knew things, I felt things, the anguish has always been there . I was reminded today that I have always been slightly tormented. It has always been a part of who I am. I am a hopeless romantic going through life being led by my heart.

This week I suggest that you try and remember that inner child. Seek them out. Try to remember what they were all about. They may carry a piece of you, you have forgotten. A piece that now needs to be brought out.

Remember to laugh. Remember to think lightly and live brightly. Remember to give yourself the benefit of a doubt and most importantly be playful and carry your power through your heart.

Before I say is a little poem I would like to share:

Written in the early 80s by a much younger me..
It is nice to know that I will always be the forever romantic. I hope you enjoy.

We search and search
For the one perfect one
Although we are still
very young.

We hold an image
Of one so great.
We feel as though we do nothing but wait.

The wait goes on so long
For nothing seems to compare
To the man in our dream who seems to await us there.

Lonely you feel
Afraid of never finding the one of your dreams
We become desperate
and go to all means.

We look so hard
So deep
We tend to pass, the one
We should meet.

Take heed
To the words I must give
Stop looking so hard
And you will find

Have a playful week.


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