The Cemetery.


I’ve noticed lately that I have become much more aware… I seem to have been able to find a sense of…inner calm. This inner calm has allowed me to shut out the loud shouts of self doubt brought on by all of the societal programing of which all of us have been subjected to in some form or other. Slowly… as I have begun this journey…I have been able to peeled away little by little the layers of conformity. The layers of doubt and mistrust that we are pressured into believing…to feel as thought we…fit in. I am finally able to hear a little more clearly…my inner voice. Now…don’t get me wrong, I am still trying to figure out what it all means. What I am able to hear is still somewhat…coded. I get impulses and fragments of messages that I don’t quite fully understand.

For example; today during a quick motorcycle ride to a nearby town for lunch, while admiring the homes alongside the road I caught a glimpse of what looked like an old cemetery. I didn’t think much of it really…just registered. Then as we rode along…my mind kept flittering back to that cemetery. I ran some energy (which I usually do at some point on the back of a ride) and started thinking. I’d think of work…then the cemetery. I’d think of my workout that morning…then the cemetery.

Closer to our destination I regained control of my focus and forgot all about the cemetery (or so I thought). I did however notice that I had become slightly agitated and I wasn’t sure why. My husband and I enjoyed a pleasant lunch and decided that due to the look of the clouds above it was regrettably time to head home before the rain set in. We took the same route home that we took to our destination; this is abnormal for us, we usually like to break up the scenery and not take the same route if we don’t have to. We leisurely rode home enjoying each others company and the beautiful views along the front range.

Suddenly I spotted a cemetery as we left town. I thought…cemetery!!! Why…is my attention being drawn to cemeteries? As we rode along…again I thought of the cemetery I saw on the way out to lunch…it kept coming to my mind. I leaned to my right and shouted to my husband that I would like to stop at a cemetery I saw. He nodded and we rode along.

I wasn’t really even sure where it was…as we rode by it so quickly…but not a minute went by and I shouted “there it is”! He did a U-turn and we turned down the dirt road and stopped.

We spent close to an hour walking around. No great revelations happened while we were there…no profound messages or reasons as to why I needed to be there. We did notice a majority of the graves were that of children, this was slightly confusing and unsettling. The other thing I noticed was when I was on the older side…of the cemetery my chest felt heavy and my breathing was labored. It didn’t stay that way for long and all was back to normal once we were on the newer side. The cemetery itself was actually beautiful, profound…and sad all at the same time.

While walking around we both were really surprise at how much crystals and quartz we found in the ground. I mean it…it was everywhere, which actually lead to the “magic” that was felt there. As beautiful and tempting as it was…we did not remove the stones, did not seem right. We thoroughly enjoyed our peek into Niwot Colorado history.

Once we were back on the bike and headed home, I asked my guides to help me understand what that was about. Why did they want me to stop there. Upon my asking them…a variety of answers have been coming to me over the course of the evening.

They have told me that it was a test to see if I was listening. To see if I was ready. When I wondered why I didn’t feel the cemetery was haunted…why no spirits presented themselves to me. I was assured that it is a visiting ground for both the living and the dead.

As for the crystals I was assured that they were for re-energizing…there to feed the earth. They were drawing love and light to the location.

The final message I received was that I will soon be able to hear… Hear? At first I was confused…then I realized they are talking as a medium…

This message was reinforced after I got home. I flopped on my couch…tired and ready for a nap…and when I logged into Facebook and saw a Medium friend of mine was having a book signing today from 1-3… and it was going to end in 45 minutes! I wanted to make sure and get her book. SO… I got back up and rushed out. Got the book…started flipping through it and it opened right up to the chapter on communicating and connecting exercises (another message/sign).

I have always known that I could communicate with the crossed over. I have had a few random experiences in the last few years. But…I have also known that I have had a block in this area for quite some time. Today I have been assured that that block is slowly coming down.

I know this has been long…and for that I am sorry. I needed to tell the whole story. To explain it the way it happened. Messages don’t come all pretty a neatly wrapped up with a bow. We have to listen…discern…and work towards them. It’s a process.

Because I have been able to slow down and quiet the idle chatter in my head…in doing this I was able to tune in and hear my message. One day…these messages will be more seamless. Easy to hear and understand. For now, at least I know that I am on the right path. I also know that the future looks bright. I am excited to learn and connect even more. Don’t forget to take the time to turn down the volume in your mind, so you too can hear your messages.

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