So it’s not yours…now what?


My last post was raw…and a little on the negative side.. but…that is part of all of us. With out the dark we shall see no light.

I want to dig a little deeper into my last post about being a so called “crap magnet”. I believe that this is a situation that many of us out there end up unconsciously being in. So how do we stop it?

For me… that day…I was really crashing. I was confused and unsure as to why I could not keep my positive mood. When I realized what was happening I retreated to my office and wrote my feelings out as they appeared to me. I then thought…now what?

I’m amazed at how often I seem to “forget” to use what I know. We all do! We all get in situations that really…we Could handle… we just seem to get lost in the negativity. The GREATEST power we have is our light.

I sometimes forget that I am not only a thinker, but a healer. As a thinker…I over analyze everything. I always have. For many of us, we let the negative overcome us. For some reason we’re quick to accept the negative in a situation over the positive. Maybe it’s a survival mechanism…you know…anticipation of the worse for self preservation. However, what that does to us is shut out the light, the positive, so all seems dark. So dark that we can become lost and we struggle with who we are and what we’re feeling…and try to find a way out.

What I did that day was write out my feelings, I NEEDED to express my emotions some how. Once I did that I started to feel detached just enough from the then be able to take a breath. This was key. It helped me to remember I was in control of my emotions.

At this point I decide to use some tools that i have learned and do in my classes on Thursday nights. I grounded myself. I started with dropping a grounding cord. It was important to reconnect to the earth itself. Once connected I released my energy (the best I could given the situation) I then, opened my crown and pulled in some spirit energy. This is as far as I could get given I was at work. My ability to be 100% focused was really next to impossible.

I was still feeling anxious and upset. Granted I felt better but the anxiety was still there. I remembered my reiki. I closed my eyes and called upon my guides, including my Reiki guides. I invoked Reiki energy and opened my hands and with a focused intention of clearing my office, removing all that wasn’t mine…I directed the energy to all parts of my office including my doorway.

Now this only took me about five minutes…maybe ten. Believe me, it was time well spent. Things became clearer, my mood shifted. I decided in my moments of clarity to surround myself in a brilliant rose colored light..then a white light..then as I sometimes do when I put my boundaries up… I imagined myself in a giant hamster ball. The outside of this ball is covered in mirrors. I can see out and my energy, love and light can shine out through to others however; whatever energy they push towards me reflects back to them. This I knew would help me as I left my office.

My day became mine again.

If your interested in learning more about these techniques, please check out my good friend Michelle DesPres’s book The Clairvoyant Path. In it are some great step by step exercises to teach you how to strengthen your boundaries and ground yourself.
Here is a link to her website with information on her book.

Many of us seem to be “crap magnets” most of us find it hard to decipher our feelings and discern those that are actually our own, over the ones we carry with us from other people. Learning how to set your boundaries, and remembering to use the tools (which is one thing I forget to do all the time) can help us to know what is what.

All in all, when we practice these techniques we not only help ourselves by remaining detached from the emotions of others (the emotions that others need to deal with on their own) but by also being able to deal with our own emotions.

We are beings of light. Remember to let your light shine. Don’t let other people put out your light.

The encounters I had throughout the rest of that day were truly genuine. I knew what were my issues and what were not. Now…for myself…if I could only remember to listen to my guides…and use what I know….


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