Lions, tigers and bears… Oh my!!


Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! This seems to be repeating itself over and over in my head this evening…and really I am not sure why. So…when I don’t get the message internally, I have learned to…write it out. Here it goes!

My initial thoughts on my next blog were to be in regards to the spiders…and snakes that seem to be making a bigger presence in many of our lives right now. However; spirit is nudging me to combine the two somehow, for some reason… I guess I will soon find out what that reason is.

The first thing I think of when the lions and tigers and bears chant/song repeats itself in my head is of course the Wizard of Oz. Ha! Which is funny to me on so many levels. I think I am starting to already get this message…

First off…I never really liked the movie the wizard of oz, it down right confused, scared and creeped me out…especially the flying monkeys. I also never understood why the wicked witch was green and oh so angry. But like countless others I watched it…in a strange state of captivity. I have loved all the other spin off’s of the movie…wicked, which actually made me really appreciate the movie…and a mini series that was done a while back with Zoey Deschenel.

So…what does the Wizard of Oz have to do with my idea of blogging about spiders and snakes?
Hmmm…let me see…how this all twines together.

It seems to me lately that I am seeing spiders everywhere…not so much as their webs as much as the spiders themselves…in great numbers. Big, small, fat, and extra creepy (many of you are thinking…how can they be extra creepy…they’re spiders…they are ALL creepy). Even when I have talked to others they have asked me why are there sooo many?!?!

I see these spiders (and by the way, I think spiders ARE creepy) and lately…well I feel a connection. An understanding. Like we are both trying to design our future, create a new beginning. I will give you a link to one of my favorite symbolism sites_. please check it out and decipher your meaning.

To me I see the spider as independent, creative, and highly innovative. The weaver of wisdom. The spiders web I see as creation. A quilt so to speak of life. Every one is different, special and unique. It is ever changing. Look what we have in common with our friend the spider… Build homes that are full of love and patience, hard work and skill. Then, one day destruction hits and all we built is gone. Imagine being the spider whose web is cast away at every possible chance. They get walked through, or torn down in a storm…over and over they have to rebuild recreate their home…their life. They rebuild…recreate they weave a new future. Many of unfortunately have had to learn this pain as well.

The snake now…makes many of us shiver. But both the mythical properties and the everyday activities of this creature is nothing but wondrous. They are stealthy, sneaky, and ominous however; they also are seductive, patient and magical. Change is a key component of a snakes life. The misconception of a snake is extreme. The adaptability of the snake is truly amazing. No legs, no arms but it can still swim, climb and crawl. It’s ability to overcome prey two to three times it’s size shows determination and strength and incredible desire to survive. The snake also understands the struggle of change. The shedding of it’s skin can be see as overwhelming and amazing at the same time. The snake instills in us to continue forward. To rise above that which no longer serves us and to let it go.

How does this all fit together this evening? Well, I believe that all over the world we are struggling with change. The planet our universe is changing. The climate has been erratic, we still (unfortunately) have war and plagues. The earth has been reclaiming her power. With the increase of the spiders and the snakes in my area at least, I believe it is a message that we are all affected. By all I mean all creatures on this planet. We are all having to recreate, redesign, rebuild our futures…adapt. According to the Mayan’s, life as we know it is supposed to end in 2012…it doesn’t end…end…but “as we know it”. And what we need to remember is we are all affected by this.

It’s time for us to look at life differently. We need to shed what we thought to be the only way and be free to recreate our futures.

Look at Dorothy…she wakes up in Oz, confused. Everything has been turned upside down. What was familiar had a new form, new face, but was still the same. The power to go home…to what was always laid in her power…and she new it all the time in her heart. She just needed to trust in herself. She placed her future in the promise of another…moved along to the search of a man that would make her dreams come true…when in reality, he was just a man…and only she could make her dreams become a reality. Only she could find a way back home. Once she gained the strength along the way…and uncovered the wizards secret..she felt empowered to make the decision to go home, she did. Once she woke up…she was a new person, a stronger person. Change does that to us. Change, struggle, disappointment, loss it all makes us who we are. And with all that… we become stronger for it.

I think the message is to understand that when we are thrust into new unfamiliar territory (like Oz) we can always stick to old patterns and find the familiar. The trick is finding ourselves and recognizing the time or need for growth, change. Once recognized we can begin to rebuild our future,weave it to fit who we are and are becoming. This will involve being patient, and being able to move with the flow of things, adapt to the surroundings as you go. Learning the path, the patterns and deciphering which works for you. Once you have chosen the direction best for you, let go of what no longer serves you. Allow yourself the permission to shed the old to fully embrace the new. Live fully in your new skin.

Change is Inevitable, none of us will forever be the same. The more we learn and explore and experience we will forever be in a state of flux. It’s how you embrace that flux that will hint at the depths of the struggles as well as the joys we will have.

We all have a great opportunity to become not only what we want to be…but that which we never knew we could be.


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