Ebracing the beauty that is you.

ImageHappy Saturday Morning to all!

Just a quick blog to talk about the importance of self acceptance. Seems that no matter how much work is done in this area, we all seem to continue to be more accepting of others than ourselves. What is it…deep within us that springs to life and send sabotaging messages to our consciousness whenever we start to feel good about ourselves?

I have given advice, honest from the heart advice to so many about embracing themselves, seeing their true beauty and the gifts that they have. Only to find myself guilty of the same crime. My higher self sits frustrated with my disconnect to my own beauty. It is about balance. It is about releasing fear. It is about ascending ones thoughts to a higher state of consciousness. Again it is about acceptance.

I know that I am not the only one that lives with the same duality of self. You know how it works. You start with a positive frame of mind, acceptance and joy. Something small may happen or possibly nothing at all transpires and you catch a thought, its quick as lightening. But just like lightening it makes its point.
The seed of self doubt has been planted and it grows as if it is infused with miracle grow!

Self doubt comes in so many forms. Comes to put us into place when we fear our ego is getting to large, or when we mistrust our intuition.

Phrases such as:
How do you know?
You’re really going to let people see you like that?
Who would want to touch you?
What makes you so special?
Getting a little heavy aren’t you?
What makes you an expert?
Why would they want to go out with you?

The list is unfortunately endless. Still many of us try to continuely fight the negativity. This can be very tiring. We know we should be more accepting, forgiving. Here in lies the duality…we know it is self defeating but for some reason the negativity either wins or just never gives up.

I realize that this is not something we can fix overnight,. I do however strongly believe that we do have the power to eradicate it, one small phrase at a time. 🙂

My goal is for every negative personal or non personal phrase, I “catch” myself saying I will consciously follow up with a positive phrase. I say “catch” because there are many phrases we never catch, they simply plant themselves and go unnoticed.

Many of you may think this is silly, or superficial. That’s ok. HA!!! My subconscious bully has already beaten you to the punch in thinking that. I nearly stopped my post because of that negative voice. But you know what? That negative voice is not my intuition, its not a message of love. It is their to confuse me, to keep me from seeing my full potential and beauty.

Join me… The more of us that learn to love and accept ourselves the more we will be fully able to love and accept others. When this happens our world will be a much happier, brighter place.

Have a great Saturday!!!

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