Are you ignoring your message?


Have you had an ear worm lately? Ear worms? Some time ago I heard the saying “ear worm” and was rather intrigued. What is an ear worm? Well, in this situation an ear worm was described to me as a line of a song, or a whole song, that repeats itself over and over again in your head.

We have all had this happen I am sure at one time or another. And probably have just chocked it up to hearing it with out being aware…or it just being annoying! When in realty what it is, is a message.

Instead of being annoyed, and trying to get it out of your head, try slowing down for a moment and stopping so you can listen to the words. Sometimes all we hear is the music, or we know the tune…and the lyrics are on the tip of our tongue. When this happens I have learned (and it has taken me a while) to take a moment and listen to the song…read the lyrics. When you do this the message unfolds.

More times then not, these songs come to us from our guides, angels and/or our higher self as answers to questions we have asked. So often we ask for help and complain we don’t get answers, when really, as I have said before we just need to open our heart and minds and listen. One of the easiest ways our guides are able to communicate with us is most often by song.

Not only do I now look forward to the once annoying ear worm, I welcome it. I love knowing that the lyrics that I am blessed to hear in my head, were chosen just for me. A specific line, a refrain, or the whole song or songs, put there as a message…just for me.

Take some time, slow down and really listen to your ear worm. You may find that the answers you have been seeking have been playing right there in your head.


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