Angels Among Us


Have you ever looked at the people in your life…and thought when did this relationship happen…what happened to…? When did I lose touch with _____? How did I allow this to happen? I mean have you really stopped and looked at the relationships in your life at all of them…the good…the bad…and the ugly.

We have all probably heard someone say “people come into our lives for a reason” have you ever stopped and wondered what some of those reasons are?

I have read many times that these micro relationships…passing acquaintances and friendships are either Angels themselves or sent to us by Angels to help us in specific times of need…struggle…and success.

Upon reflection I have been blessed with many divine interventions in my lifetime. Special people I have connected with and many people that showed up in my life that I believe were here to help me in different phases. People that regardless of how I felt towards them, or them towards me were important figures in shaping my life and helping forge through a specific situation.

You see…I believe we are all here for a reason. And the people that we happen to interact with and show up in our lives are there for many reasons…but… the big one…I believe is to either teach us or help us through specific life lessons.

Many times we are drawn to people that ignite something within us. This spark that is ignited…this flame is instrumental in our personal development… our growth. How we connect may not always make sense. The message is not always clear. This is where it’s our choice to either accept them into our life and learn, or turn away and go it a different route.

How this connection works is relatively simple. Again I ask you to think of the people you have met in your lifetime. Was there a person at some stage of your life that at that time was an integral part of your life? Someone whom you shared everything with and you never could imagine them not being there? Yet now, looking back, you’re not even sure when you drifted apart? These are the connections I am talking about. Many times when we think of people making a mark on our lives we immediately think of romantic relationships, unrequited loves, lost loves. I am not just talking about the relationships of our heart. These relationships in particular will definitely go unforgotten, for each one leave a unique etching upon our soul…which we will never forget. Many of them are here to teach us so much more then the romance they bring.

A lot of the people that truly affect our lives in fact…fade in and fade out quietly, never truly disrupting the status quo. Many we encounter may resemble something in ourselves and the draw is quiet natural, obvious even. Others we may actually resent or feel some form of aversion to. Yes… I said resent. Resentment…anger or even when we down right loath someone, is definitely a lesson. A lot of times what we despise in this person could very well be a trait we either fear or see in our selves… This is not always easy to see or even admit. Because they can ignite such strong emotions in us we may never fully appreciate or understand their purpose. Sometimes…all it takes is accepting…forgiving or even just overlooking the trait we so outwardly clash with is the first step in forgiving or overlooking that trait in ourselves, there in allowing us to grow. After we have accepted or reflected on this, many times this person… will fade out of our life. The relationship will change to the point that it is no longer as prominent.

The relationships we connect to or resemble help us by encouraging us to not feel so alone. The impact they have on our lives can seem obvious…we’re alike, we naturally mesh…etc. However; one of the key benefits that we often overlook is how these relationships encourage us to be more compassionate. How this happens is when we care for these individuals, understand and empathize their situations, we encourage them and support them. By doing this we not only gain acceptance of this person we reiterate an acceptance of that trait or that situation in them as well as ourselves. And in return we learn to be compassionate of ourselves, patient and understanding. This is priceless. Each one of us is naturally quicker to point out or peck at one of our own flaws or mistakes then we are of someone else who acts or does the same exact thing. So by accepting them we learn to accept ourselves.

Let’s talk of the broken heart. How and why is this helpful? How does the pain benefit us? As easy as it is to say it…it is much harder for any of us to always believe and follow it…but the answer is…it does. What we must do like any other situation is dissect it. Look at what it is that is causing the pain. Break it down to the fundamentals. Some people…some lessons are harder more painful because we have failed to learn from the more subtle gentler attempts that have been presented to us previously. Other times they are this way because they are more monumental, the lesson just “is” that big. The impact needs to leave a chink in our proverbial armor so as to not get lost or forgotten along our journey. How many times have you seen someone or been that someone to repeat a bad relationship, mistake or lesson to only say later… why does this always happen to me?
Well…are you listening to the answer? Have you looked at the dynamics of the people you are around… many (not all) of our answers are right in front of our nose. I am not saying they are simple…or painless… but they are there, we just need to really want to see it. For once we see it…we can no longer just ignore it, or cast blame.

Just like you I am learning to understand the people in my life. Beautiful connections that have helped me develop into the person I am today…as well as the person I am becoming. I like to see them all as blessings…sparks of light and dark… that have helped me understand more of myself. Life is about choices, the people you connect to and relationships you develop help us to make those choices more coherently. By being aware of the affect we all have on one another we are able to take more ownership in the directions we chose to go. A good friend/co worker once shared with me some advice they had gotten from one of their parents in regards to wondering if they were making the right decision they said “No matter what choice you make, it will be the right one. You have to believe that otherwise you are setting yourself up to be the wrong one”. They are very right.

The people, relationships, situations in our lives act as mirrors. Reflecting back onto us what we not only put out to others but what we accept of others and ourselves. We are here to help one another. Act as inspiring Angels to cheer on, support, and sometimes even cry with. We are all someone’s light…their spark of hope…someone’s…Angel.

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