Come on a walk with me, tell me what you see…

Have you ever really looked at nature? I mean really stopped and looked at it. Last year while on a hike with my husband we came upon some pretty amazing sites. It has taken me a year, but I am finally really seeing the symbolism. Maybe it’s my personal growth, maybe my mental body is finally taking the time to process or maybe I am finally becoming…aware.
Let me take you on this hike and share with you the sites we were blessed to see along the way. As all things in life, it started with a journey. It took us 45 minutes to reach the starting point of our hike. This is the path of my enlightenment…


This path led us deep into the trees. I took the picture below because of how interconnected the area was.
Looking at the photo now I believe the message to be that of sharing, loving and living together. I see a beginning. I see an end. I see struggle. I see perseverance. To me this picture represents our daily lives. We seek the light to grow. We work hard at achieving our full potential. I see us not yet willing to surrender. I see peace and harmony. In this picture I am reminded that in life there is not always a direct well traveled path, and yet that is what makes life beautiful.


Further down the path I came across this amazing image. This picture screams BALANCE. Looking back at this picture the message I receive today is that of learning to accept that things must come to an end, yet that does not mean it is the end. The beauty in this image is balance. These boulders have been here for eons… they have seen the trees around them come and go. They have sat amongst them and pondered the meaning of life. They tell me that the answer is not really an answer but the path of knowledge and the ultimate message again is balancing our lives.


Upon a closer inspection of the boulder in the left corner of the picture above the image below is what we saw. Boulders… a large, heavy solid mass, that is something that when we see is we believe we cannot go through it. It forces us to go around, sometimes even change our path or direction completely. This boulder shows me that even when we have to change our direction….our path that we should not loose site of what we were seeking.
We should not allow it to block or change our mind. We need to remember to look through our obstacles and remember what gifts lay on the other side. Even when it is dark, we need to remember the light.


Further along the path we reached a summit… it was at this point I stopped for water, and a breath. As I gathered my bearings and looked around I was completely taken aback at what I saw.
Looking off to my right, I was reminded to pray. The mountain was telling me to remember to ask. Ask for help, guidance, to remember to release my struggles and that a higher power was there waiting to help, and all I needed to do was ask. Our angels are with us, they love us, and however they cannot interfere. We need to ask them for their help. We need to remember to release our burdens. We need to learn to trust the signs we receive. Let our hearts speak our truth. Love is the only answer.


We finally made it to the lake that was to be our turning point for our hike that day. It was an amazing view. It was peaceful, tranquil, and truly inspiring, definitely worth the long and at times treacherous hike to get there.
Looking at this picture now, I see the rock people, the keepers of the lake, and the keepers of the land. I hear their whispered conversations in the breeze.


Here is another picture of what I call the Rock people. Here he looks like a wise old man…With a story to tell. I see this picture and think of wisdom. I am also reminded that things are not always what the first appear to be. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to look closer so we can see the true beauty or meaning of something.


On the other side of this magical lake, was a sandy beach, with trees scattered around it.
The tree below however looked to me as if it were walking away.
I see this picture and realize that sometimes in life we need to uproot ourselves.
Look around and ask ourselves some questions:
• Am I happy where I am
• Is my current situation serving me?
• Is it time for me to move on?
• Am I on the right path for me?
It is never too late to change directions. The movement suggested in this picture, that day made me feel as though I was moving forward, that I was headed in the right direction. For me my message was one of validation. We need to remember to not get stuck and that home is where ever you plant your roots.


We decided that day to go a little farther on the path… the views were spectacular.
We eventually turned around and headed back towards our car. Tucked off to the side I saw this pine tree amidst a grove of aspen trees…
The importance of this captured moment is to remind me to be myself. To remind us all that no matter what we are surrounded with hold on to you. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Fitting in is not having to look and act like all the others around you it’s about being accepted for who and what you are.


I really appreciate the picture below. In it I feel it show unity. I see the differences of all the elements and am struck with such wonder how beautifully it all fits together.
It expresses to me how we can all live together in harmony.


As our hike neared its end, I wanted to share a final picture. This one was taken somewhere along the middle of my hike. The moment I saw this tree I was connected to it. I saw myself in this tree. Let me explain… this tree was once big and strong. It provided shade and at one time was full of pride. Standing tall, facing the sun it was on a mission.
Now I know this tree is dead, and I am far from dead! But what message I hear with the image is that no matter how strong we are, no matter how rough our exterior we are soft in the middle. I saw this as a form of exposure. This long straight tree, cut open…exposing to me its insides… showing us/me that we are not just one thing, one particle…we are made up of bits and pieces. And without those pieces we would be hollow.
Our body is but a vessel to contain all the pieces that make us who we are. Those pieces are infinite.


I hope you enjoyed my hike…
Have a great week!

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