Solitude and introspection


Sometimes a day of rest, solitude, a good book and your cat is all you need.
I hope you all enjoy your upcoming week, and remember to appreciate the little things that present themselves to you along the way.

The period of time we are traveling through with Venus in retrograde is all about indulgences…creativity…and desires…honoring our sexuality and uncovering our feminine power. We need to remember to look honestly within to make sure we are following our hearts. Being honest and true to ourselves. For this is the only way we can be honest and true to others.

I guess I am going through some deep introspection, I have been guided by my guides to look deeply within, but while looking within to not get lost and forget about the world that is around me. I advise you all to do the same. It’s a time about finding that balance, the one that works for you.

Many times we can get lost in our thoughts….which can at times be defeating. The key is to look within, without sinking to deeply into what has been. It’s about looking at where you have been…but focusing on where you are going.

I also know that as easy as it is to say the glass is half full, remember to see it and believe it as so because only then will the universe provide abundantly for you.

Dream big…actually…go ahead and dream bigger!


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