Motorcycle meditation and the topic of Memories….


Yesterday I finally got a chance to be out on the motorcycle again…It has been FAR to long since the last ride. How do I know this? My backside told me so!
While riding around the beautiful reservoirs and foothills that I am so fortunate to live by, my mind started to wander like it usually does. Something along the ride triggered a childhood memory for me.
When I was young I lived in many different locations growing up, the memory I came upon yesterday was one from a time in my life that I was full of imagination and creativity. I cannot remember the exact age I was in this memory flash, and really it doesn’t matter.
The flash of memory was of me sitting on the front steps of someone’s house. I remembered sitting here often. I do not remember the name of the owner of the house….I am not sure I ever knew her name. I think I remember her as an old woman that I believe lived in the house alone. I was not close to this woman; however she may have had me in for cookies once or twice.
This front step of hers was a place of solitude and contemplation for me. This much I remember. I recall sitting there thinking … I sat here many times in this phase of my childhood…thinking… wondering about the trees, the grass, God…and the world.
This flash of a memory prompted me to start to think about memories in general. I thought of conversations with my own children, about events and things we did in there childhood. Conversations like “do you remember that time….” and when they would respond “no, I don’t remember that”. I started to think…what activities in our lifetime get chosen as memories? What is it that triggers something in your life that it quantifies a place in your active memory?
I say “active” memory, because I believe all record of our past and current lives are kept in chronological order in our Akashic Records. Putting the Akashic records aside for another blog topic for now, lets think about our current life…”active” memories.
We have all had a memory flash that could range from something very important or momentous in our life, to the flash of something so seemingly insignificant that you just have to stop and wonder. Why that memory?
When I started this post I really didn’t have a clue to the answer to my question. Now however as I type my guides are telling me that nothing is insignificant. Every thing in every life matters and makes up a choice. Maybe that flash seems nonchalant and unimportant… when in fact it could have been a turning point in your physical life or your mental body. A choice may have been made effecting the direction your life was to take. Every event provides choices and options. Subconsciously these moments are grand and momentous and moments to treasure however; in our conscious mind they may seem like an everyday experience, when really they are pinpoints on our path. The same life path we created for our self before we were even born. I guess you could call them spiritual check points. Points along the way we have preselected as gauges for our spirit to check in are we on our planned path, or have we taken yet another detour? They are points along the way for us to remember that moment…remember that point in our life and proceed from there in the direction we have chosen. Funny but it could be something as simple as stopping at the store and purchasing a sucker… some gas….or holding open a door for a stranger.
It makes me appreciate and treasure these things we call memories. I know that I will now look at them differently. I will look at them as precious gifts as well as incredible little mysteries in the thing called my life…
As for my specific memory flash that prompted all this. I spent a lot of time as a child thinking within as much as I did talking… (and for people who have known me throughout my life know that I did and do love to talk!) I think for me the flash of memory of me sitting on the front step is a reminder for me that I am on the right path. I have reconnected to my spirit (that little girl) sitting, thinking, contemplating. And that makes me smile inside and out.
Enjoy your day! I hope to enjoy a little more solitude and meditation today on the back of our Road King Classic…look out mountains, look out spirit world…here I come again.


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