Animal messages…I am learning to listen…are YOU?


This last week I have been visited by many of our lovely animal friends. The gentle friend…the deer. The wiley fox, the soaring eagle, protective hawk, the ancient heron and the determined duck. All these beautiful animals have made a personal visit to me this week.

It started early….with the beautiful red fox. Two mornings in a row…in completely different locations I saw a fox, and the fox saw me. The first day my reaction was…oh…look a fox, wow it’s been a while since I have seen foxes. But…the second morning, I was like…ok this is weird.. When I saw him this time, we both locked eyes, and looked at each other as if in acknowledgement… Both knowing he was there for me. To remind me…I need to remember to be adaptable… cautious, and remember change is coming. I thanked him for the reminder…and have not seen them since.

As the week went on and the stress unfolded..I started to see a flurry of animals all around me, reminding me that they were there…my feathered friends, the bald eagle, the heron, and even the duck were reminding me about the higher plan. The greater picture. They provided me with warm sense of comfort, just knowing I wasn’t alone and that everything had a purpose. One of the warmest reminders I received this week was from my friend the deer.

You see, where I live I am blessed to be close to nature and the occasional visit from many different animals is not uncommon however; I take none of them for granted however.

My first visit was pretty unexciting… While on the motorcycle I happen to see a small group of deer. We continued on…then along side of a well traveled highway…in the brush, was the most precious sight…a doe feeding her fawn. Just the two of them. I felt so blessed to witness this most basic acts of survival, parenting. Something so intimate amidst my chaotic thoughts. I Knew the message… I was to slow down…stop and go back to basics, remember where I was going, where I am going. I was being guided to stand tall and protect my young.

I also knew that I needed to step softly into the forest and listen to its message.
We continued our ride and many times along the way I was reminded of the message of the deer.

A few days went by and I couldn’t shake the image of the mother deer and her baby. Again we were on the motorcycle…riding up in the mountains. While on the back of the bike I would close my eyes and see a deer beside me. She was with me the whole ride… In my minds eye. I felt that I must not be heading the complete message…because unlike the fox, she is not going away…

After a very long day on the bike…exploring..we were standing in our kitchen and what should be squatting in the middle of my back yard? A Buck…

I have looked up the meaning of the deer… All of its messages, what it stands for has fit into my life…I felt that I was hearing the message..I was confused at what I wasn’t seeing. What was I missing? Then I was looking again and there it was, one of it’s messages I have been overlooking their connection to the fairy realm.

The beautiful deer… Message of love, kindness, patience understanding, caution and protectiveness of our families…our children…quiet our minds and listen with our senses…not just our ears…
The fairies are calling me and I have not been listening. Tonight I will meditate with the deer and the fairies, hoping their message will be revealed to me.
For me I am learning…learning to really listen.

In this Journey I have learned so many things…I have learned that my pleas, prayers are heard, and the replies are presented to me…I just need to remember to be aware, and remember to really look for the messages I am given. Acknowledge them.

We need to remember the answers we seek won’t necessarily be “spoken to us” or written out in black and white, sometimes we have to decipher it.

I love it when I learn to listen.


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