Our voice


Sometimes the signs we receive are very subtle, and at other times they can hit you like a brick wall.
I have noticed lately that I have been struggling with my voice. Voicing my opinion effectively in many different situations, such as work, home, and in relationships. Even though I have noticed this and given thought to it, I have not changed it or my behaviors really. Granted superficially I think I would argue that point…but nonetheless…I really have not taken any action to change. I keep waiting for change to happen. What I am being reminded, in many different ways, is that change doesn’t “just” happen. You have to take steps to actively make a positive change. Make an attempt to change a pattern, to find the pattern, to discern the pattern. Once that has happened, well…change will happen whether you then do something or not. Are you thinking…wait, she just said change doesn’t just happen… Let me explain this a little better. First if you are unaware of a pattern or…situation that is causing you some type of strife, or blockage in your life and you just wish for things to be better, yet continue the same dysfunctional patterns, nothing will radically change. Now, if you sit and find the patterns that may be causing you to create the imbalance, dysfunction, strife, or blockage and do nothing, change will happen because you are now consciously aware of what steps you are continuing to take…and you now know the potential results of those steps and by “choosing” to not make change in your behavior/steps you are making a choice.

Ok…back to my situation of my voice. I have had all these signs, and I think that because I still have not taken the steps I need to take, fully to heart, well the universe decided to hit me with one more direct sign. I have basically lost my voice.
It started with a sore throat…which I thought was the start of strep…no strep…but my throat swelled up. I could not swallow…it hurt SO bad, insanely bad. A little runny nose…no head ache…just a terrible throat pain. And now…I have no voice, barely above a whisper. Anyone that knows me personally knows that this is torture!! Ha!

So, with no voice (literally) I have to listen. Chose the words I do attempt to speak wisely (based on the energy needed to get them out) for I need to make what I say,count.

The lessons I am picking up on here are as follows.
1) Think before you speak
2) Chose the words you say carefully as to not hurt yourself or others.
3) Remember the power of silence.

These are things I need to remember to work on and take to heart.
It’s been a few days since I wrote this…I still don’t have a full voice. Now have a headache…this has been a very tiring bout. Our voice is a very powerful thing. Learning to use it in the way we intended it to be used is a big challenge for many of us.

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