A watchful eye..


I have noticed for some time now that the trees in my yard keep an eye on me…
Signs are all around me…connections are everywhere. We just need to remember to not only see them…but be receptive to receiving the messages.

The last few days, I have been drawn to the following numbers…

Two days ago…I woke up at 11:11….then again at 1:11…then again at 3:33, needless to say I was tired. through out the last two days I have inevitably looked at the clock at 1;11 or 11:11…3:33…and 5:55. I figure it must mean something. My job is to figure out what…

I also had a reading in my Thursday class that has made me realize I need to learn receive.

This month, per the power path, is about commitment. What we are committed to, not necessarily commitment in the form of relationship. Back to my Thursday night class…we did readings in the class about where in our life we are receptive to commitment (we looked at the Chakras for this information) and where in our lives we are resistant. The reader that read me stated that my 7th and 3rd are where I am both receptive and resistant. The 7th Chakra is our crown chakra…our connection with spirit and the divine, the third is our solar plexus or power. She said that I am struggling with with trusting the information I receive…that I seem to be waiting for some big answer…to my question/s…that I need to accept that I can do what I do…and that I am who I am…embrace and trust. Trust was a big word…trust and be a receptacle…accept that I am on the right path. That I am getting information…and I need to allow the information to come…not resist it.

Then it was my turn to read. The information I received was really amazing. I know it was meant for me as much as her. The part I need to share is the picture and connection of the chakras. I saw all her chakras lined up…with a serpent/snake entwining them. It’s body wound itself up through each one….connecting them all with the head coming up out of the seventh. To me this picture meant living through all your chakras….aspiring to live a life through the seventh…that encompasses all the chakras. Creating the highest level of ascension. Example when we speak our truth through our fifth… Within this picture…you would not just speak through the fifth… But actually through the fifth via the seventh. The fifth acts as a filter with the seventh presenting the actual message. Hard to explain….but the thought, feeling, concept of this was beautiful.

For her I saw that to attain this level, her spirit had taken the rout to live a full life, living through one chakra at a time (meaning that chakra was the primary focus) for that life time. It was an interesting process she had chosen.

It was a really interesting class.

S always, thanks for reading. Any insight or comments are welcomed and appreciated, we are all in this together.


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