Let’s see, signs. I have all these thoughts mumbling around in my head as to signs…It seems they just keep getting thrown at me lately…as if I haven’t been taking them to heart…pretty sure that is why I ended up in the lake yesterday.

My good friend held her book release on Friday for her book….The Clairvoyant Path. It was a great event and very well attended. It was held at the Fire House Book Store in old town Fort Collin, CO. The evening consisted of her talking on how and why she came to write the book, and a couple friends of hers doing some lectures on the different types of healings, and a group of us who attend her class on Thursday nights leading a guided meditation/grounding circle.

It was a very inspirational evening for me. Seeing such a diverse group of people gathered made me realize that this is just the beginning. An opening to a much bigger state of community we are all approaching. I know this fits here…because for me…it’s another signs…one on belonging to something so much bigger.

My thoughts can’t help but keep drifting back to my events yesterday…the more I thought /reflected on my abrupt plunge in the lake, the more I realized the event was something more than me falling off the dock…it was a nudge from spirit looking to actually wake me up, since I seem to listen but hear the message for everyone else but me.

All yesterday I had such a uneasy feeling, a sense of anxiety. Not full on anxiety…but the edge of it. We took a lovely motorcycle ride…actually a quite chilly ride, the foothills were a lot chillier than we had expected (48 brrrrr) and even there where I am usually the most relaxed I couldn’t shake it. I even had a vision just interrupt my zen of my daughter crying… As a parent I felt a sense of panic…like, some thing is wrong… We got home and all was well. Hmm…all I could think was what am I not seeing…this is some kind of sign…

Some of the crazy “signs” i have been experiencing the last few days leading up to the dip in the lake…
My work phone… being too connected to work…
The sign that more and more people are asking me for readings…seemingly out of the blue…
The random ringing in my ear lately…my left ear mind you (the same side Mother Mary has been seen with me) Mother Mary herself represents teaching, and protecting children…
And finally the horse and goat that live jtogether just outside of the subdivision I live in.

So, what does it all mean?

For me I realized that my fall into the lake involved all the above.
I need to learn balance balance between home and work…this was an easy message with my phone falling in with me and not working….got the message, ok…i at least see the message for what it is. Next…I need not be afraid to take the plunge with my reading page, and realize it is okay to charge a fee for what I do…what I have been blessed to be gifted with. I also need to realize that life is scary at times and that there isn’t much we can do about it, but go with the flow, and trust. As for the part about my daughter…and what I was seeing…well I told her about the vision today and how I felt that I was taking something for her with my fall…she said she felt that same thing yesterday. She said as worried as she was (on whether I was ok or not) she also grateful…she felt as though I took something for her…it’s hard to explain. Even between the two of us, we just both new what we re saying….oh yes…
My reference to the horse and goat…I did not really explain that sign did I now… Ha! Its funny…my daughter and I joke about them…the two unlikely friends. To me..they represent that Maybe from the person driving things don’t always appear to be the perfect match…but it’s not what is on the outside that matters…what matters is how well you connect with someone, regardless of the circumstances. basically accepting that it is ok to be different if being different means being you. We don’t need to fit a mold, and I need to be who I am not be afraid of what it looks like to others. I need to embrace my horse and goat.

My goal for you as well as myself… is to have a good week…stay strong, stay who you were born to be. As the magic eight ball once said…All signs point to “it is undecidedly so”


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