In the journey of self improvement and awareness…one of the hardest things we can do is really take a look at what we do.
Lately I have been evaluating my purpose…my life path. Why I am who I am, why I do the things I do…
It’s somewhat easy to cast blame onto those that come into our life and make us uncomfortable…but the really mission is finding out why they make us uncomfortable. Why do we allow it and sometimes encourage it. I have been finding this lesson both interesting and extremely challenging. Interesting because of my ability to detach myself at times and watch the situation I am in or other situations around me. The trick is reminding myself to reattach, that is another post….

Challenging, because just when I think I have something figured out I am challenged with the awareness of my contribution to the issues. I have become more aware that I give myself to situations that I shouldn’t. I become emotionally involved with that, that I shouldn’t… The list goes on. But the question in regards to that list…is why do we do that.

One of my fellow bloggers just wrote a post titled “sorry this makes you uncomfortable” check it out. intuitive one
I think that it fits here…when we don’t live “our” personal truth…we end up causing struggles and roadblocks ultimately for ourselves…which can cause friction…and discord amongst those around you.

My goal right now for the next week…is to practice looking within. For me I am going to refocus. I am going to take a look at the list of things I have personally come up with (for my own contributions to my stress) and start to “refocus” on what and why it is what it is. I am going to think before I react..LOL!!! or should I say I promise to try very hard to Think before I React. I am also going to think about what and why I may feel the way I feel….is it valid? Or is it programming from another lifetime? Am I reacting to something based on another experience or reality..

This introspection will help me clear past chords…or karma…and past life programing that does not serve me any longer. Just by becoming aware of why we do what we do ….or react the way we react…with out doing anything outwardly…will make an enormous difference in our lives.. This is a message I keep getting. Go within to make the outward change.
Think about those summits we have not conquered…was if failure as we first may have perceived it…or could it be they went for us, they didn’t serve us and we switched courses.

Going within can be tough…sometimes once we reveal our true self we are not always happy at what we see… Meaning….many of us layer ourselves with layers and layers of other people’s truths that our own seem so small…so frail. Remember to ground yourself…pull in spirit energy to help guide…remind you of your own truth. Ask for strength to help live your truth. Living your truth can be something as big as your sexuality, your religious beliefs, or as small as not liking certain music, movies, or a specific food. The point is to live honestly and respectfully of yourself and others. Our individual difference is what makes us all so unique and amazing.

That is enough for now… I hope to write more this weekend.


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