Crazy weekend…
Spent a lot of time on the motorcycle.

On our rides this weekend I was once again reminded of my connection to the earth. I love the trees…and all the vegetation, however for me the deepest connection is to the water and the rock…not just crystals…but…all rocks…boulders, sandstone, slate, flagstone.
It calls to me. I see faces in the stone…my heart fills with love and joy. A connection is established. I don’t know why I am surprised by this…but I am…every time I realize it. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a connection with the trees as well. This connection with the trees however was much stronger when I was young. They were my friends. My aspens in my yard today have eyes that can see…that keep me connected.

My goal this year is to unlock the connection with minerals/stone. I seem to have resisted it in the past and am being reminded of our connection.

Crazy how many times that word keeps flowing out of me right now… Connection…connection… We are all connected.. I just never considers rock…living, and felt that I…guess I thought I could not have a connection with it. But the fact is it is living… And I can feel that.

When I think of this…relationship I think of a guide I have… He is a shaman…and every time I have met with him it has been in a field of grass on a big boulder…a rock. This is where we look at each other… Where he looks at me and smirks as he shakes his head at me. As if he is just patiently waiting for it all to click. I ask his name and he just shakes his head no…as if to tell me that I must first remember…that was the deal. No jumping ahead.

Why I decided to make this so difficult for myself I do not know… But I am patient. Part of me remembers him…I know he was my friend, someone I truly trusted. I know he will not break our pact. It is my job to remember…whether I do in this lifetime or not….is another story. There are no guarantees. But…as I see his smirk, his smile…I know that it is just a matter of time.

Some how…I know that my discovery of the connection I have with the rocks…will unveil more to me then I can even comprehend at this time.

Basically we all have parts of our life paths that are yet to be discovered…many of us have no idea what those connection are until we have uncover them…it’s in those ah…ha moments when we peel away the material, earthly Layers of our physical self to expose more of our true spiritual self that we truly begin to shine.
We all just need to remember to be open…open to new ideas and new directions in which to live our lives. Be open to new experiences and ideas…new thoughts and beliefs, this will allow us to remain on the shorter path to enlightenment. No Matt what path you take…or what connections you make or allow in your life…just know it’s the right path for you. For you at that time in your life. Some roads are just more….challenging than others.

Love, light and peace…


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