Today I am thinking of blessings.
Today…I feel inspired to remind myself and anyone else who needs reminding, that we all have blessings. It is our job to find them and acknowledge them. To do this is to appreciate them…and understand them.

I have spent a lot of time it seems frustrated and caught up in things that should not matter. I have given myself away in ways that no one but myself are to blame. We can point fingers and frustration at others but really…we have ultimate control of our feelings. the key is remembering what is respecting ourselves and others…and remembering what is important.

I have gotten some really good advice lately…about holding my boundaries…believing in myself and giving myself my space, the right to claim that space.

For a long time now I have felt a strong connection with Mary Magdalin. She is always there as a constant support and guide through many of my lives tribulations. I feel her standing with me…telling me that what others believe or think they believe do not affect us…we affect us, what you believe of your self is what matters. Others will see you for what they want to see you as. For what they need to see you as, so as they can look upon themselves and feel superior. I know my time with her is not yet done…as I am still learning to find myself and be who I am to be.

I was reminded today of a particular story from the bible I remember…where the two Mary’s were visited by Jesus…one Mary cooked and cleaned washed his feet and served Jesus while he spoke to them…while the other sat with Jesus and listened to his stories and talked with him. The other was clearly unhappy about it… Jesus asked why she was so unhappy. She told him how she was disappointed that she did not have more time to talk with him…like the other Mary did. And he asked why she did not spend more time with him…she told him about the cooking, and the cleaning, and how it all needed to be done… He told her that it was her choice. That she could not be jealous of the other Mary…for it was her choice to spend her time the way she did. Ultimately it is our choice what we do…how we do it.

Basically I am sure I have completely messed up the whole message and how it was really represented in the Bible… That is not the point. Sure I could have looked up the passage and quoted it…word for word…but…for me it isn’t the word for word…it’s the translation to my heart that matters. I find that the one thing I need to remind myself over and over is this…it’s that to get angry at others for laughing…relaxing…when I am feeling overwhelmed and working really hard, is not fair. Not fair to the other people….it is my choice. My choice to be focused… In those moments what I need to do is stop. Stop and ask myself…why am I angry? Is it really anger or is it jealousy?

Did I somehow forget that I make my choices? That like the story in the bible…it was my choice to do what I was doing…my choice. We all make choices, everyday…millions of choices. With all the choices we make everyday, it is a really important reminder to make sure we know what we want…what is important to us… Know our priorities…what matters to you…not what is supposed to matter, or what matters to others…or what your paid to matter about. In the end, your (my) frustration could be avoided if I kept my best forward, and balanced in my life. When we don’t… Frustration, anger and jealously will inevitably set in.

Now is the time to manifest our dreams… Imagine it..feel it…live it…manifest it.
Every day every mood every thought we make takes us closer to where we are going.

When we are overwhelmed…we need to remember to stop…silence our mind of all the clutter. Forget our deadlines and external demands…go within and ask ourselves…what is it that we want.

Blessings, I have many blessings in my life. The encouragement I receive from the many loved ones I have that surround and support me in my life are too many to list….and for this I am truly blessed. I have a family that I could not imagine a life with out…. Besides the fact that I have a roof above my head and a steady paycheck…I am thankful for spirit…for the lives I have lived, the experiences that have shaped my life from this life and all others. So many blessings…my freedom, water, earth, sky…the birds, bees…and trees. The rocks and boulders that have been on this earth since the beginning of time….I touch you and am in complete awe…the things you have seen… Your energy moves me in so many ways. Thank you.

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