Have you ever found yourself near summit of your climb…your goal…only to feel everything fall apart. You can point fingers and divvy out the blame but…in reality… It’s all you.

If you don’t make the summit…attain the goal, it’s you that did not make it. Not the guy next to you. Not the person that threw out the road block…it’s you. The question is….why? Why did you not continue? Why did you stumble and turn the other way?

You can start to list the thousands of reasons why…each one a concrete excuse…but that’s all they are, excuses. Sounds harsh….because it is. It is a harsh reality when you stop and look at why and you find yourself staring back at you.

We control our lives, our direction…no matter what gets thrown in front of us. It goes back to choices to some extent. We have them….we make them….we don’t always think about them.

But past the choices…or should I say before the choices…comes us…our inner workings and what makes us tick…or choose the way we do. We are each wired differently in that aspect. We each have different peramiters that we measure our life’s decisions against. The funny thing is…many of our Decisions get made at a somewhat unconscious level. Our past programming and lessons or mistakes effect our decisions. If you have areas in your life that you feel you are always making the wrong decision or…areas where you just stop growing…like that summit I was talking about…do you have a history of getting close to attaining a goal…only to stop…stop perusing it? Walk away and start another path? Do you have many reasons and possible frustrations for doing so? Maybe we need to look closer and see if it is self sabotage. What programming do you have that stops you from attaining?

Could it possibly be a past life issue? Or a programming of sorts…and your shuck in a loop?
The best thing to do is…take a look deep inside. Be honest….with yourself and what you see. Let go of what does no longer serve you. erase those contract that hold you down or back and no longer serve you.

These are thing s I will practice as well…
Peace relax and look forward…


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