I thought I would touch a bit on how I became so connected, or…I should say more… aware of the messages from nature.

I will start with my connection with animals.

My first introduction to animal guides was through a guided meditation intended to introduce us to one of our animal guides. … we were laying on the floor…our eyes closed…created a scenario that was relaxing and yet intriguing…with a path. During the guided meditation we watched the path to see what animal came upon it to meet us. Mine at the time was a tiger.
What I did after that class was research what the tiger represented… I found similar qualities that seemed to jump out to me…

However my relationship with animals and my animal guides have really changed since then. All I can say is that one day I became….aware…
Aware…that I kept seeing the same type of animal…. It really started with the Hawk. I would see them In random places…and for a while it seemed that I didn’t notice anything but the hawk. This prompted my to look up the meaning of hawks (animal symbolism) the meaning fit my life at that time.
When I first started seeing the vultures…I have to say, I was at first a little alarmed…but after doing some research, I started to actually seal them out…but like any good animal guide, those we look for sometimes stay hidden. When they do appear…and they did 3 times for me in the last 2 years…they have a strong meaning…

Then….it would randomly change up…I would see foxes all over…or rabbits…birds,but not just birds, I would start to se a specific type over and over.

I know we all see birds and many of us are lucky to see a variety of animals…because of where we may live. Many of us don’t have the luxury of being so close to nature that you have the opportunity to see these creatures throughout your day or you week or life… But my advice…is to be open and awar to what you are currently seeing. It could be the animals picture…in a movie or commercial repeatedly you are drawn to notice a specific animal…or, you pick up a paper (and an animal name or type) and something just catches your eye…or jumps out at you. Could you be seeing an animal in your dreams?? There are many ways to be contacted by your animal guides…or just messages from our animal friends (I just typed furry and feathered friends, but had to erase it… Because the message I was getting wants you to know that lizards, snakes, frogs, fish…you name it, all have messages for us. That was kind of funny!)

Ultimately, Read up on their meaning….find out what messages they are trying to give you that you are not paying attention to…. Because that is the key…paying attention.
So many times one might say…just give me a sign, pleas for help and answers…that many feel have been ignored, are probably responses that have just gone unheard…unnoticed.
The spirit world loves us and wants to help guide us…they try, but some times no matter how hard they try…short of slapping us in the face…we are just unaware.

Happy Monday!

Next time I hope to have something on nature, trees, rocks and the symbolism, and beauty they share with us as well.


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