Motorcycle meditation starts again…


We had a beautiful day here in Colorado today. First off I woke up without the headache I went to bed with!!! For the last 3 days I have had a miserable headache… Last night almost did me in, it hurt so bad I nearly threw up. It hurt to breath, talk, chew…..I think you got the message. The question is have I? As I begin this post I can tell you….I have not decoded it yet, maybe as I write it will reveal itself.

So… I woke with a headache hangover. I could have chilled out all day, but we decided to paint our dinning room (soon to be our wine room). Then took a break and my husband and I took our motorcycle out to enjoy the beautiful weather. As soon as I was on the bike, I thought…ahhhh… This is where I am supposed to be today. It made me think of some of my original posts, back when I first started blogging. I titled it…Motorcycle meditation.

For some reason, today I did not feel a surge of clarity like I did last year. What did happen though was…a sense of peace and relaxation. It felt so nice being outside…reconnecting. It was like visiting an old friend. The one thing that really stood out again was the lack of birds. I saw them…just not as many as normal. Again, no hawks…the birds I did see were big clusters of small birds…sparrow or black birds…couldn’t really tell. The other bird I kept seeing was the dove/pigeon. I think I need to look up their meaning…
I also felt an awakening of sorts from the earth…the hills, the mountains. It was like a soft hello…a recognition of sorts.
I am not really sure why I do this…but as I was riding…and feeling so relaxed….I started to drift off… Always a bit scary on the bcd of the bike…but it felt so nice to be riding…and thinking of nothing…or…at least very little.

Still trying to figure out the purpose of my headache… Maybe the intention was to tell me to slow down. Either I listen and do it on my own…or my guides will make me slow down. I have been moving very fast…constantly on the go…not sure yet….

I also think the solar flares have been effecting my energy…as well as the full moon on Thursday…ultimately I think that I am just too hyper sensitive to the energies that are around me. Everyday I think I am becoming more and more empathic..which is both good and bad. What I need to practice right now is empowering my boundaries…strengthening them to hold my own energy and not everyone else’s.

Anyone else feel as though they are on information overload???
Ahhh…wait… That’s it!!! Information…overload! Everything is moving so quickly right now…think I am just receiving more information right now than I can handle. Maybe that and the simple fact that I have been working way too hard is why I was hit with such a killer headache yesterday…
Thanks for listening to my lengthy ramble.

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