March madness


Right now for me…when I thin of March Madness…I am not thinking about Basketball. I am thinking my life. Here it is only What…March 9th….and it feels as though the month has enveloped me. I am speeding forward….not enjoying the ride along the way. Look back and think, wow that’s where I have been? When was I there. Who did I pass. Family??? Where are they…there they are on the side waving as I rush by onto my next location.

I know this has to stop. I need to jump off every now and then and relax, enjoy, unwind….before I spin myself out of control.

In my class last night, I experienced the weirdest readings… There were only five of us and we did what are called round robin readings. We took turns having our chakras read. I felt like the musical clairvoyant last night! Every persons chakra that I read was presented to me as a musical montage! It was bizarre and very fitting at the same time. Now you would think that a song…one song would get stuck in your head and that is where it would end….nope… 5 people…up to 10 songs. Each was specific to that person and the chakra I was reading. It was fun… And enlightening. For me the message was I need to remember to enjoy myself…don’t get caught up In all the seriousness. Like I have been.

I am amazed every time I read someone, how information is presented to me. As well as how accurate it is. As other clairvoyants have posted and said, however….I am also frustrated with how Ill-equipped I feel in dealing/handling my own issues and short comings. I struggle with listening to my inner voice, knowing what I should be doing….and still doing something else. What makes me so stubborn?

I have decided that I am going to try and create my own website…and start doing distant readings… For a small fee at first. I have been doing them in class….and on the side for friends and people who are friends of friends that I do not know. Every time it seems that they have made an impact and have really hit home for the readee…. My confidence has started to grow, with each validation. Funny how….we doubt ourselves so much…or maybe it’s just me. I am so accepting and understanding of everyone else but…. Myself… I hold myself back from all the things I love to do. I love helping others… Love doing readings… So…wish me strength in accepting myself for who I am.

Now….I must put this away and go to work….my day job…and when I say day job….I mean all day job, lately.

Enjoy your personal march madness, I know I am going to try and learn from mine and move forward with all the madness.

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