Inspirational Blogger award


Very inspiring blogger award

Wow!! I have been awarded with the very inspiring blogger award by one of the most amazing bloggers I have ever…came upon.

In accepting this award, I must discharge my duties of sharing seven random things about myself that you wouldnt know yet, this is one of the rules, so here we go:

1. I nervously bit my nails…

2. one of my guilty pleasures is watching reality TV

3. I love hiking.

4. I accepted the fact that I love the carpenters…and old country music… Yep… I like to sing along…even if I am not able to carry a tune.

5. I have an amazing relationship with my children.

6. I feel a huge sense of pride when I have built…painted…created something. I love that feeling of accomplishment.

7. I love to debate a point…to the point that some may think I am…unbending, when in fact I am not…I just need you to present a good argument…facts… I can be swayed. And I respect the fact that we may all not…always agree. The only thing I ask is your respect that of me as well. We are individuals with individual experiences. With that, know that I am the hardest on myself in the form of expectations, and judgement.. One of my biggest fault in this life time.

As for the other two rules, they are as follow: show gratitude to the person who awarded you and pick 7 other nominees for this award yourself.

my seven nominees have been chosen, they are, in no particular order…these bloggers have encouraged me to continue blogging in ways I can not describe…thank you, blog on!

Keep the love going!!!!

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