Coffee break…


What a beautiful day…
Feeling the warmth of the sun is making me want to take a nap…
I now understand why I keep getting the message to “go outside”!
Its amazing how pent up our spirits can become when we forget to take time and just …go outside…it like a recharging of our batteries.

March is definitely the month of opportunity…time to put into motion what you have been contemplating. Take advantage of the opportunities you are presented. I am going to do just that.
I am going to begin my new adventure.
I tend to be stubbornly independent…and I forget that by not allowing or excepting help that others are willing to give, I end up alienating myself…as well as brushing people away. I am learning that it is not weak to work with someone…to accept and ask for help can inspire growth. It can also help others feel needed and a sense of purpose.

Sometimes I forget that everyone doesn’t run with the same train of thought as I do. My internal clock…brain…spirit, seems to on a bigger plain. I see the bigger picture and sometimes forget to look at things from a more narrow perspective. I think my spirit is so excited to have been recognized that it sometimes forgets to slow down for my physical body to keep up.

Ahhh….time for more people watching, and contemplation…write more later.

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