Birds….dance to the music in our hearts


While I was driving to work from my spin class this morning…I noticed that for the last few days, maybe even the last few weeks I have not noticed my normal amount of Hawks around me.

I noticed this morning a lot of small birds, black birds, robins, sparrows…birds you see in groups. The more I noticed this the more groups I started to see. With every group I saw… I could sense a feeling of excitement in the air that spring was around the corner. Like I was saying earlier My normal totem of the hawk has been eluding me this week, but as I was driving and contemplating this I was looking in the sky at the birds flying around me and I noticed a hawk. Just as I noticed it…it flew off in the other direction. He was quick almost as though he did not want me to see him.

I was listening to some classical music while driving and it was as if the music and birds were in complete sync…they seemed to be dancing. I felt as if they were sending me a message of promise hope and excitement of what yet to come. It is no surprise that I’ve been a little depressed lately…and today the birds in the sky today gave me hope and excitement. All these little tiny birds fluttering around dancing, almost like they’re playing in the sky… put a smile on my face… and makes me feel peaceful.

The more I think about the fact that the hawk i saw today was being so secretive lead me to believe that he wanted me to know that he’s watching me…protecting…but needs me to find my own way. I can’t hide behind the protection of the hawk… I have to find it for myself. I think that is why I keep seeing groups of little birds. I think I am supposed to try and focus on community… Realize that sometimes the best protection is in groups…gathering with others that share a common interest. Or focusing outward and not always inward. Understanding how important it is to share yourself with others, and understand that we are here to share our gifts with others. Sometimes to grow and expand your knowledge…and your abilities…and your gifts, you need to share yourself with others. I know that what is important is regaining my sense of unity with group and community…

For many of us this is a really hard lesson to learn or overcome. It is always easier and safer to stay within and with what we know or who we are comfortable with. I am comfortable with the security of my hawks… And what he is teaching me right now is that he is always there…just not always out in front. I need to live in the moment with my community…with you, not always within. We all do. For this is a time of expansion…

Sleep well.

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